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From the Burpple community

I am a huge fan of prawn noodles, and this one is pretty good! Noodles were seasoned well, prawns and prawn balls were fresh, soup was very rich. Some may find the soup a tad too rich though. I must say this was the thickest prawn noodle broth I have tasted! Personally enjoyed it.

The stall serves the Penang version of prawn mee with a robust rich broth and have inclusions such as prawn balls in it. This bowl costs $6 which comes with bean sprouts, kangkong, hard boiled egg, fried shallots and pork lard added into it that further accentuated the flavour from each slurp of that broth. The whole bowl is very heavy on the flavours and the richness might be too much for some, hence I will recommend you get an iced tea or a refreshing beverage by the side so that you can soldier on the entire bowl. @oneprawnnoodle
✨ One Prawn Noodle 一號蝦麵
📍 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre, 01-93, Singapore 199583
🍴 [Self Funded]

Not your usual hae mee.

In a corner of the newly renovated Golden Mile Food Centre, @oneprawnnoodle is helmed by a young hawker who had worked with some of the big names like Burnt Ends, Tong Le Private Dining, and Forlino.

Inspired by Penang style Hae Mee and Japanese ramen, the menu consists of Classic Big Prawn Noodles (from $5) and Prawn Ribs (from $6) to the Supreme Big Prawn Noodles ($10)

Will recommend to go for the Supreme soup option, since it includes everything like pork ribs, handmade tobiko prawn balls, even beancurd roll. A deep-orange hue broth as it is boiled for hours with cooked prawn shell, it has a subtle natural sweetness and that umami taste. Slurping good that I finished the broth!

Picked the most expensive option which came with prawns, pork ribs and homemade tobiko prawn balls. Messy bowl featured here cos it was actually served in 2 bowls (1 with ingredients, the other with noodles). The soup with only ingredients was sweet and robust, damn shiok!


Head down to Golden Mile Food Centre for a bowl of comforting Penang-style prawn noodle by @oneprawnnoodle before the food centre closes for renovation in December 2020. Indeed we were reminded of the 888 Hokkien (Prawn) Mee we had in Penang.

After trying it for the first time as a delivery, I was impressed particularly by the murky broth that was extremely rich. Even better when I had it at the stall for the second time as I also introduced it to the Boyf. The umami sweetness was alluring and addictive, every sip was a burst of crustacean flavour. We kinda wonder how much prawn shells actually went in for such a wonderful yet painstaking broth. Thanks to the extra crispy pork lard, you get an enhanced aromatic flavour. Served with fried shallots, kangkong, bean sprouts and a peeled prawn. You won’t want to miss those bouncy handmade prawn balls out that highlight the natural sweetness of fresh prawn meat and prawn roe either.

If you can are craving for a good prawn noodle, go for their supreme version ($10) which comes with everything you need.

You will get 2 bowls of soup. One bowl with the noodle and ingredients and another with the big prawns and prawn balls.

The noodle portion wasn’t big as expected but the ingredients given was generous and satisfying.

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