From the Burpple community

The bite-sized pieces of chicken were crispy and coated deliciously in 4 flavored sauces - soy ginger, seasoned spring onion, sweet spicy, and garlic mayo. We didn’t manage to try the seasoned spring onion flavor but out of the rest that we did, garlic mayo was our favorite as it was sufficiently creamy, buttery, and garlicky 😋 An order of their fried chicken usually comes served with a side salad dressed in a surprisingly delicious and addictive secret sauce that we couldn’t get enough of 🤤 With all that said though, the rest of the dishes at OTB were disappointing at their high price point and small portion size. Honestly nothing special to rave about so if you’re planning to drop by, just go straight for the yangyum chicken 👍🏻 - 👵🏻 #burpple