The equation is simple: tasty, hearty food that also happens to be 100% gluten and dairy free. Live healthy, eat well, feel great.

19 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168650

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm


12:00pm - 11:00pm



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Impressive decor that made me feel like I am in a mini garden. While the food was nice, I am not sure if u'd pay this amt for a gluten-free meal. Nevertheless, happy to catch up with the group ☺️ till the next time... #burrple #burpplesg #saturdaybrunch #tiongbahru

Good curry flavour with the egg yolk cooked (runny) just right. 😋

Quite impressed with their menu. I think their offerrings are more interesting and inventive than most cafes, which is commendable given that everything gluten free and dairy free. We had the King Crab Benedict and Mountain Yam Rosti. Both lovely. I actually distinctly remember enjoying the gluten free bread that came with the benedict. It had a nice chewiness to it, and was great for mopping up the hollandaise and egg yolk.

We love their Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad, Vegetable Tempura Risotto, Sous-Vide Salmon and Dairy-Free Apple Crumble Dessert!

Thanks a lot to @blessincasia and Melissa for the invitation and the warm hosting. 😊 📷 Vegetable Tempura Risotto (SGD$25). The potato based risotto rice is so comforting with its light flavour. The crispy vegetable tempura includes okra, baby carrots, oyster mushroom and broccoli that were battered with rice flour and deep fried.

Brick wall, wooden yet classy place. The music's probably too loud, but a pretty good place

Pan Seared Sea Bass ($32)-crispy skin, refreshing salad with some cashew crunches. Really nice 4.25/5

Excellent dessert! Beautiful on the sight and light on the palate. Just the right sweetness with fruity sourness.

Pan seared Threadfin, Spaghetti Alle Vongole,
Roasted pork rack and
Braised veal ossobuco .
If I could only have one dish from their menu, it will be their risotto. Super creamy. Right texture. The veal was tender and its sauce cling onto the risotto so nicely.

We had the ribeye steak ($38++) and pan-seared threadfin with Thai mango salad($32++).
Though not sufficiently filling for us, it's obvious they used only top quality ingredients.

Satisfying meal.
(Mocha was too watery imo)

Turned restriction to inspiration. Entire gluten and dairy free diet by Assistance Head Chef Freddy Ang. .
The "bread" you see was made with grinned nuts which they used the "milk" of the nuts for other dishes. .
Pretty good taste. Maybe because of the low light condition, their food looked much better than these.


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: After about 3 weeks of trial & error, Chef Freddy found the right ratio for the flour of the spaghetti. Definitely a challenge without the binding assistance of Gluten, the texture & bite does feel like Kuzukiri (くずきり) 😋
Just like finding the right partner, after trials & errors, missteps & lust. The Errors of making hasty judgements & one comes to appreciate the subtle difference between the superficial & the essential. Pride & Prejudice basically. 🖖🏻


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: The Japanese inspiration is very evident here. Starting from the rice flour battered Tempura which consists of; okra, baby carrots, oyster mushrooms & broccoli fried to a crisp. 🍤
Served on a bed of potato based risotto rice (which explains the creaminess) garnished with pickled pink ginger for that slight spiciness that one can find in many Japanese restaurants, which was the best part of the dish. 🖖🏻


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: The zesty yolk based calamansi & lime zest custard was made so smooth & addictive. With the contrast of a non-baked bitter chocolate tart shell that made every spoonful a delight, tangling sensation on your palate. 🤤
Finished off with dollops of torched meringue & dehydrated calamansi slices that is the finale of the orchestra with the crescendo. Gracing the stage are edible flowers & a sprinkling of confectioner's sugar. This is the epitome of orgasm in your mouth, every bite demands a second one. Very much like love making, one is never quite enough. 🖖🏻


ACAMASEATS & GTK💮: This Victoria Secret-ish Model Dessert, Like how a supermodel wears her sponsored perfume that stands out in a crowd of ladies, this dessert demands your attention from distance away due to the sous vide Apple chunks marinated in 8 different spices which packed a punch from far away. 😉
Upon arrival it captivates one with the aroma of the distinctive Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Cloves (Seductive scent, Spectacular curves & Stripped down sexy)
With this oozing Beaut, one actually scores (Big Time, bonus if she's a Yoga Practitioner, Yeas) compared to the other girls in the room. 🤤
This is one of the better rendition of Apple Crumble I've had, plus points when it's made with a GFDF concept in mind. Crunchy oat flour with EV coconut oil crumble & a side of cashew nut milk crème anglaise. One of the Best around. 🖖🏻

. .
The toothsome treat comprises of yolk-ba­sed calamansi and li­me zest custard nest­ing in a no-bake bit­ter chocolate tartsh­ell. Garnished with dollops of torched meringue, dehydrated calamansi slices, eb­ile flower and a spr­inkle of confectione­r's sugar. Splendid!

The a la carte menu sees 15 new Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free items, among which the Vitel Toné ($25++) received praises for its composition of tender veal loin, creamy tuna mayo and pickled cabbage on GFDF fried bread, which came together like one big summertime party.

Celiacs can now have their (gluten-free) pasta and eat it. Chef Freddy swops durum wheat for rice flour in the Spaghetti Alle Vongole ($28++), rendering a familiar mouthfeel reminiscent of a more al dente thick vermicelli (粗米粉) jazzed up with creamy white miso sauce and sweet clams.

Come dessert, we clamoured over the deliciously balanced Calamansi Chocolate Tart ($16), while the Dairy-free Apple Crumble ($16) drew polarising reactions with its 8-spice blend; highly aromatic or overwhelming, you decide. #GFDF may be a tall order, but thankfully for us, was realised with aplomb by Chefs Ryan Clift & Freddy Ang and the ODP team 🤛

Thank you @opendoorpolicysg and @burpple for the invitation and hospitality!
#burpple #opendoorpolicy #instafood

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