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Kinda like Nandos...good food, slightly overpriced considering it's supposed to be fast food.
What's unacceptable is they don't have ice for their drinks.

Had this chicken bowl with salad veggies and rice, drizzled with their prego sauce (mixture of mayo and bbq sauce). The rice was too peppery for my liking, and felt that the cold veggies did not complement the warm chicken pieces. The chicken pieces were not super impressive and the prego sauce was unique. Wouldn’t really have this again.

Dont really taste the Herb and lemon, and i loved that. It's more like a well brined flavourful chicken which is rlly up my alley. For those who arent feeling the more punchy flavours of the original chili(which isnt spicy either tho)

Not spicy at all but nice amount of spice. Very well Grilled, was super tender and succulent. One of the best Grilled chicken I've had, and unbeatable at the price with Burpple beyond. Breast can be a little dry though


When someone at a table brings up Australia, one can often stereotypically imagine sepia-tinted views of the scorched barren panorama, surfers riding the high tides in slow-motion, the kangaroo mafia clad in boxing gloves and palm-sized tarantulas at every corner. In the secluded chambers of my skull where genius meets insanity, I’m just thinking of Coffin Bay oysters, John Dory by the ocean and Margot Robbie.
And then there is Oporto, hailing from Bondi Beach, Sydney as a Portuguese flame grilled chicken chain. In my heart of hearts, I have always been one for franchised poultry restaurants as comfort food for the guilty soul. So when I first discovered the outlet bustling at the epicentre of the village, I had to try it.
The classic African-Portuguese chicken can be characterised by its piquant flavours, commonly achieved by marinating the chicken with piri-piri (Swahilian for ‘pepper’) chilis and other spices. Oporto offers their signature Portuguese Flame Grilled Chicken ($6.90/$11.90/$21.90) with a brush-basting finish of either Chilli or Lemon & Herb Sauce. Maybe my expectations of an off-the-grill chicken drumstick that glistened in its own juices were driven higher by a growing appetite, but the swift anti-climax of a dry, under-seasoned chicken left me surprised to say the least. The kick of the piri-piri chilis was apparent on the surface. However beyond the first discernible layer of flesh on the bone, it was seemingly missing from the equation.
Their famous Bondi Burger ($5.90/$7.90/$9.90) came with a thin and rather dry chicken fillet, with an additional $2 for a supplementary fillet. For an established chain restaurant that prides itself on its chicken and its Bondi Burger, evidence points to the contrary when it comes to succulent and flavourful poultry. For a burger that claims to be legendary in nature, it presents itself as a lack thereof.

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We got 2 flame grilled (half) chicken, 1 chicken rappa and 1 oprego burger with burpple beyond. The chicken in the wrap and burger was cooked but lukewarm and when we brought it up to the staff, they said that the sauce and lettuce must have cooled the chicken down (in the 5 mins it took to serve us...). Hence I would recommend u give the wrap n burger a miss. However, the half chicken (we got one of each flavour) was really delicious so I would recommend that u get that instead at Oporto. We also tried their chilli cheese fries but it was too salty so I'd give that a miss the next time I'm there.