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Was quite disappointed with it given the fact that I've heard so many good reviews about them! Although the burger is pretty decent, I won't say it's something that's mind blowing or made me wanna try it again. The patty I had was quite tasteless and it's not evenly charred. Only that small bite I had that was great, the remaining 90% was just ORDINARY. The buns reminds me of those Gardenia buns... just that it's nicely toasted with butter. But well I guess I don't mind trying their Buttermilk Chicken and see if that will change my mind 😅

We tried their classic beef burger double-up and it was 1 hearty burger with thick and juicy patties. The crispy chicken burger also came with a huge fried chicken between soft buttermilk buns. A real satisfaction if you like it big, crispy and juicy.
Not too sure about them using clear plastic bags (instead of paper bag) which looked cool but not the most green-friendly. But with the taste and size of its burgers, the prices were really competitive and some even lower than that of McD.
So if you’re around City Square or AMK Hub, this will be worth a try.

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More than an ordinary burger!! $6 for the burger is decent but it’s abit on the small side. I love the burger buns they use, pillowy with a slight chew. The fried chicken is pretty tasty and the sauce that they use is creamy and buttery, but could be juicier. The vegetables used are fresh and adds a nice texture to the burger.


Fuss-free quality burgers for less than $7

Went there twice and tried their buttermilk chicken and signature (beef). The beef burger wins buttermilk hands downsideupways 🙌🏻 The buttermilk sauce gets jelak towards the end and left a very unpleasant sick feeling in me that koi did not wash down. The beef however was surprisingly smokey and had depth in flavour. Also they only have 1 sidedish option and no drinks - so be prepared to leave hungry if you've an appetite.

These burgers are hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had in Singapore.And they are decently priced as well: the buttermilk chicken costs $6.50 and the ordinary double is $10.20. Non-beef and vegetarian options are available as well: suitable for all walks of life.


[Muslim-Owned] A fairly delicious burger, even though it doesn’t really strike me as anything remarkable in taste. The cheese sauce packs a punch in flavour though, making it the highlight of this one. 🥴 A word of advice - please do not get this to go. I made the mistake of doing that and the beef got pretty soggy and slimy towards the centre. 😪

The service was pretty dope though. The guy at the cashier was super chummy, casual and had a pretty good sense of humour. I walked away with a pretty excellent impression of the place, to be honest! (7.3/10)