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From the Burpple community

Orh Gao started off with mainly serving unique and interesting brew which changes from time to time but has since evolved to serving some all time favorites and classics bar bites.

Where beer is no longer just boring and bitter. Alot more flavors and depth to the options available at Orh Gao. Food wise, we had their New OG Sambal Mussels which is my favorite. I like how it is a little spicy, umami and creamy. The toasted sourdough goes well with the sauce. On the other hand, their Roasted Pork Belly is a little underwhelming. Though the skin is crackling but it has a pretty strong chaota taste, which is overly on the bitter side. The meat is also a little on the dry side and lacking of the ‘giam’ pang fragrance.
But the dishes definitely goes well with their beer!

They have different beer flavours and we were spoilt for choices, the pulled pork burger taste awesome as well! Great place for good food and drinks!

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It is okay for a casual, quick lunch I suppose. It could have done with much more gravy or sauce to properly combine each component of the dish!

These days, all the discerning craft beer pubs dish out a plethora of palate pleasing food to accompany their booze bonanza, and Orh Gao Taproom does it exceptionally well, or at least with this here pulled pork burger ($17 before 10% service charge).

Built out of a pair of soft, tanned buns that you just wanna bury your face into and eat, a good amount of slightly sweet, slightly sharp purple ‘slaw, and a whole load of pulled pork that’s been smoked for six hours, this burger is a thing of beauty.

I was highly concerned that the soft buns wouldn’t be able to hold up against the mountain of saucy pulled pork, but apparently my concern was misplaced as those buns did get a little soggy but were never under threat of disintegrating.

The pulled pork was majestically moist and stupendously savoury, and that six hour smoking definitely paid off handsomely. The barbecue sauce the pork was tossed in was all the right amounts of sweet, salty and sour, but it did get overbearing towards the final third of the burger. The purple slaw along with my pint of beer on the side swooped into action, the beer washing down the burger while the slaw provided a refreshing crunchiness to the otherwise soft burger.

Boozy beers & brilliant burgers are all that’s needed for a bulking bro, trust me. And Orh Gao certainly do both very, very excellently.


Pick from ten rotating craft beers on tap here. Beer enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice, you can even sample the beers before committing to one if you’re feeling overwhelmed!

I got the Rouge; a brown ale that features “hazelnuts and brown nectar” which completely hit the mark and delivered on those flavours! I hear their range of beers changes frequently, so you might find your choices completely different when you head down, but I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

Great fun at Orh Gao Taproom's #MajulahBBQ & National Day Parade Screening. Good variety of tasty beers & grub 👌🏻 Happy birthday Singapore! 🇸🇬

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