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#B1-42/46 Galleria Level The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

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Dried fig-cranberry jam crostata ($20)-served with a panna cotta. I thought it was a really nice replacement to ice cream? Creamy but somewhat lighter. The tart was crispy and taste of the dried fig was really concentrated 4.25/5

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Chicken milanese ($25)-was quite juicy for a chicken fillet. Crispy, yet succulent. Served with creamy caesar that has lettuce, anchovies and croutons 4.25/5

Iberico Chop ($60)-Tender, crusty chop with some sweet onion. Think some of the spice crust was burnt as it have an overly bitter taste 4.25/5

Couldn't even hold it up cos it was so thin :o but awesome taste never loved bacon and meatballs more

Cloudy (ricotta) with a chance of meatballs, plus an exploding yolk shower! Check out this Eggs and Polpette, one of the items on @osteriamozzasg new weekend lunch menu. More on Active link in bio!

#aboutlastnight; I had a freshly air-flown (like just a day ago) from Italy burrata that is huge and ultimately so divine. Nothing speaks heaven like a good burrata. Smooth, soft, silky and milky. Drizzled with the right amount of olive oil and a bed of well-cooked leek. Perfect for sharing, too much for 2pax. But great with a good pairing of white wine and a beautiful company.


No Osteria experience is complete without sampling some of the finest cheeses from their famed Mozzarella Bar. Our favourite was the quintessentially Italian Caprese Of Bufala Mozzarella, which came with vine ripened tomatoes topped with basil pesto and a drizzle of olive oil. 

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Vanilla Panna Cotta, sour berries compote and sugared nut clusters. (reminded me of a conversation I recently had with @_cong_wen about how a slight difference in temperature can differentiate how each dish could potentially be spectacular or mediocre.) Their Panna Cotta, needless to say, was well chilled and lovingly disintegrates on your palette.
Red berries and cream 🍓🍼, always works wonders.


@osteriamozzasg reigning as the restaurant that serves the best accompaniments to my favourite version of charred Octopus tentacles. Moist, delicately chewy combined with a slight smokey flavour from the charred parts and a good amount of acid on those greens to combat the savouriness.
Calls for salivation 😂



Burrata with bacon, marinated escarole & caramelized shallots on sourdough — A creamy savoury tangy mouthful goodness.

Italians and their pasta 👌Pasta dumplings stuffed with creamy and sweet tasting celery root puree, sautéed with earthy blue foot mushrooms in a garlic butter sauce. Well cooked pasta with a simple savoury sauce, that's what I need in my pasta!


Pasta texture on point, but I thought it could use less chili and more garlic to elevate the heady white wine-infused mix.


I don't often see pairings other than tomatoes/basil/proscuitto with burrata, so Mozza's extensive menu of mozzarella dishes were very appealing. This came highly recommended apart from the usual caprese. I love how the savoury ingredients complemented the creamy burrata, especially the caramelised shallots. The escaroles (a kind of endive) however weren't my thing. They were extremely sour, and ended up blocking all other flavours. But the burrata though - top notch.


Celery Root Cappellacci with blue foot mushrooms ($32 or $74) was absolutely delightful & fun to eat. Enrobed in a light butter sauce padded with crunchy & earthy mushrooms, each delicate morsel ruptured effortlessly to reveal creamy, slightly sweet celeriac purée with a touch of mascarpone.

Finished off beautifully with just the right amount of sharp Parmesan to break up any sign of monotony.
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Somehow I usually end up eating here or the pizza place connected to this resto when in MBS. Good pasta good food good quality

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