100 Jalan Sultan
#01-05 Sultan Plaza
Singapore 199001

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Been a while since i had this... and it still taste as great! Comes with a bowl of salad and soup on the side. Wet and runny Onsen egg oooh 😛

Found this in small Japanese stall in the Sultan Plaza hawker centre, the chicken teriyaki is served with onsen egg, soup, salad, and rice. Quite tasty and affordable ($6) for a full Japanese set meal.

Nestled in the corner of the textile center is this coffee shop that offers decently priced Japanese sets for $7-8. I went with the good old Pork katsu don and it was not too bad. Comes with a side of salad and miso soup!

Love the teriyaki sauce on the salmon! Comes with cold sous vide egg.. would prefer warm sides to go with the dish though. It is a little pricy at $8 even though it comes with salad and miso soup. Taste good overall :) Will try other dishes if I come by again.

Beef Don - the chef stir fried the sliced beef with onion and seasoned with soy sauce and Mirin. My way of eating would to mix the sous vide egg well and allow every grain to be coated. .

The sweet spicy Japanese curry ($7.80) ! It was rather salty but matched perfectly with the rice. One bite of the crispy pork and one scoop of rice. Satisfaction! .

Otoko .

🏠: 100 Jalan Sultan. Singapore 199001. Located at the outer ring of Sultan Plaza.

From Otoko at Sultan Cafe in Sultan Plaza — not to be confused with Otoko Ramen at Alexandra. A small coffeeshop stall that sells Donburi and Curry Rice, they offer a variety of the usual expects one would find in a Japanese stall including Teriyaki Chicken Don and Oyako Don. Coming with a sous-vide egg, a salad and Miso Soup, this was delightful and one of the more impressionable and better Japanese dons I have had from a coffeeshop. The beef was thinly sliced, so you get a little bite but texturally coherent without pieces too tough nor dry that was delightful to have. The meat was also not marinated in too much sauce, and was lightly savoury while complimented with a dash of Yakiniku sauce in the rice, providing just enough flavour without being overwhelmingly. Even the rice is well-cooked; it's often to get mushy lumps of rice that are too wet in neighborhood Japanese stalls from hawkers/coffeeshop/food courts but this was perfect where you can feel every grain. One of the more pricier items here given it costs $8 (the Curry Pork Katsu costs $7 in comparison), but the quality is definitely worth the little pinch imo.

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