7 Keppel Road
#01-05/07 Tanjong Pagar Complex
Singapore 089053

07:00am - 03:00am

07:00am - 12:00am

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meat cuts were not what i like,except for this one piece in front. prefer a more peppery broth. intestines were clean with no odour. sauce was a nice compliment. will go back to old street for the meat cuts and broth. but they don't open for supper. and you char kway from old street is imba. most likely positive takeaway for me is jus the nostalgia part. 15 per pax. #yahuabakkutteh #bakkutteh #burpple #sgfood

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Not the intensely peppery bak kuk teh soup. The broth was light with full bodied meat flavour, garlicky and peppery kick 😋

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Craved for something soupy and hot, so we ended up here for Bak Kut Teh! Haven’t been here in quite a while and sadly, the standard’s seem to have dipped quite a bit - soup wasn’t as peppery and robust as in the past, plus the flavours felt a little flat and a tad too salty. Got the mee sua instead of the rice for a change, and we thought the texture could have been softer with a teeny bit of seasoning, as it was quite bland even after pairing with sides. Can’t deny that we were disappointed even though service was great and I will probably return back to Tuan Yuan (their sister outlet) next time and hopefully it stays as good as I remember!

Location might not be that accessible, but still can’t deny that their Bak Ku Teh is still very popular!

Ordered mee sua, as I’m more of a noodle person rather than rice. Although it’s quite crowded, food are served quite fast and still hot. Super love the peppery and hot soup!

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Despite its less than accessible location, this famed Bak Kut Teh chain restaurant along Keppel Road is still the go-to supper spot for many. It opens till 3am daily, and nothing comes close to warming your tummy (and soul) better than a hot bowl of tasty, peppery soup. Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang describes the broth to be robust in flavour yet peppery enough to give you that kick! Swing by early in the night to have their popular Spare Ribs Soup (from $8); otherwise go for Tastemaker Amanda Liu's pick — Sliced Pork Loin Soup ($7). The latter features bite-sized slices of pork, which is great if you don't fancy messy eating. For sides, Amanda recommends ordering You Tiao ($2) to dunk in the soup, and the gravy-ladened, collagen-packed Braised Pig Trotters (from $7) to drizzle all over your rice or Mee Sua ($2).
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu

Ya Hua, opened by the Gwee Sisters since 1973, is one brand you can trust for that peppery pork broth on a cool night.
They were out of spare ribs (at the time of our visit), but the pork ribs, though tougher and leaner, had a pleasant chewy bite from the little bit of fat in it. The robust soup sent a wake up call to the senses, maybe more like an annoying alarm as the (unlimited!) refills were unbearingly peppery. The dough fritters were also stale. Slightly disappointing.
The turnaround was the bowl of braised pork trotters that should never be amiss from your table. The wobbly collagenic skin had just the right amount of fat for flavour, so your arteries are safe from being clogged. The soft tender meat was soaked thoroughly in the dark soy sauce, the savoury and sweet profiles made this a mouthwatering dish. Sip on the tie guan yin between bites, the nectarous oolong cleanses the palate, and also serves as a comfortable sweet end note to a rousing meal.

I've been a fan of Outram Park Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh ever since I was introduced to it a while back. The robust broth here is not the overwhelmingly peppery sort, hence it still allows some of the natural sweetness from the pork ribs to come through. At the same time, it’s definitely still peppery enough to give you that super shiok kick! The free soup refills always gets me slurping bowls and bowls of them down.

However, I haven't been back to this for quite a while and have been hearing more mixed reviews recently. There are several outlets around but I would say stick to this original one here at PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex or Tuan Yuan Pork Ribs Soup along Kim Tian Road for hot crispy you tiao right out of the fryer. #BurppleSGLateNight


Arrived at 9:45pm to hear that the Spare Ribs Soup ($8/$10) was sold out, so we settled for the Pork Ribs Soup & Sliced Pork Loin instead.

My go-to would be the Sliced Pork Loin Soup simply because you wouldn't have to worry about having to chew an entire chunk of meat, but be able to enjoy individual small bite-sized slices instead.

Order the You Tiao ($2) & enjoy soaking them into your bowl of refillable (YASSSS) peppery soup! Only downside would be that the You Tiao isn't crispy & tasted laohong, but still good nonetheless.



One side that you may want to order as a group would be the Braised Pig Trotters 卤猪脚 ($7 / $10). With collagen packed skin & soft tender meat, what you'd want to do is go in for a huge scoop of sauce & drizzle it all over your bowl of rice or add it to your bowl of mee sua. That rich flavorful sauce will pack every mouthful with an oomph as you dig in.

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Good bkt that opens till late for your late night cravings.


Love The Fats Layer of the meat inside the skin. People Told me Eat this is equivalent to eating Fish May which has Collegen in it. Those Who think eating Fish Maw Expensive. Well Try the Pig Trotter it can have the same effect u may not noe


Do u all know Bak Kut Teh is for Breakfast last time ? It was Coolies last time during my grandparents times they need more energy so that the labourer can continue to work. This Bak Kut Teh has history of abt 30 to 40 years. It was 1st Located HDB Flat outside Outram Park MRT Station. The Bak Kut Teh Soup is Clear Peppery Teochew Style Soup. U can Order the Range of 排骨 or 龙骨。The Meat is Tender can say the Owner uses fresh Pork Rib. U can add Dough Fritter & dip inside the soup make it more tastier. FYI The Bak Kut Teh Stall Open till 0300hrs in the morning for those night life ppl.
Name: 欧南园亚华肉骨茶
Address: No.7 Keppel Road #01-05/07 PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex Singapore 089053
Operating Hours:
0700hrs to 0300hrs
Tuesday to Saturday
0700 to 0100hrs
Closed on Every Mondays

Nice and delicious. Love the soup. Free flow of soup. Total is $9.50 with a barley drink


Dipping pieces of You Tiao ($2) into the peppery Pork Rib soup ($7), sipping on cold barley ($1.30) at the side and munching on Pig Trotters ($7). Why, isn't that just ideal. 🍲😋

Dip the fried dough into the soup and eat together with the bak kut teh. Small portion of Pork Ribs Soup. Not enough with the portion of 3 small pork ribs. Yet, the Pork Stomach is more than enough


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