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Reviews at Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer)

Reviews of good food at Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer)

Half and half - original and mild spicy. $20 each half. When the after drinks craving hits. Mild spicy is enough to burn the tongue of my Westernised Indian friend - make of that what you will (hint she doesn't like curry). The original fried boneless thigh hit the spot and fed the craving. Crisp and tender and juicy.

I have a bad habit of over ordering, and this is the perfect example. I like their jambalaya sauce. Sweet and tangy with a bit of spiciness. But the soy sauce was a let down. Too sweet. I thot it would taste like the one at Chicken Up, which I adore. But it tasted almost the same as the jambalaya, with a hint of pepper. I ordered the soy sauce to balance the sweet jambalaya, so I was very disappointed. Dinner ended up being too jelat.

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Ordered 3 different flavour for chicken all in half BONELESS. (We are lazy ppl πŸ˜‚) Roasted [$19], Sauce [$22], Soy sauce [$22]. Personally I prefer roasted & sauce. If you can't take spicy food don't order sauce cos too spicy!

Seafood Pancake [$25] is really really yummy! Thin & crispy~ Army Stew [$40]. Hoegaarden Tower 3L [$70] always goes well with chicken!

Prices stated before GST & SC.

The chicken is so crunchy! And they are very generous with their sauce. I suspect it's like a 1000+ calories but I always clean the bowl... They use boneless thigh, which wins a thumbs up from me. I challenged the chili padi on my first visit... and lost... I could barely finish my share and somehow even my tears tasted spicy! The jambalaya(?) one is more my style. Sweet sour and spicy. Kimchi stew is the watery kind. The portion is huge. Strangely it makes me thirsty the whole night after eating it. I still like it thou.


Yummy korean wings for dinner, the fried boneless thighs were damn delicious!

The feisty and sour kimchi stew had the comfortingly spunky caress of a fierce hawker centre auntie whilst elsewhere the saury would win second prize in a sardine impersonation contest. 3.9/5


Tried the rice chicken from Oven & Fried Chicken that's coated with Jambalaya sauce (Boneless, $37 whole $22 half) and it's a mixture of spicy and sweet. Not too bad, warrant a second visit. Which is your favourite KFC (Korean fried chicken)?
Oven & Fried Chicken
Address: 182, Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068630

This dangerous drink is one sinister sugar mama, going down easily and fizzily and before you know it, floating chicken wings and descendants from suns start materialising in the stupor shadows as you continue enjoying your chicken chomping at arguably one of the best Korean fried chicken joints around.

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I find the chicken too oily and too over cooked. But, the sauce is spicy and very tasty. $9.90 for this for a normal human(who takes carbs and sugared drinks) is pretty ok. For me, I think I'll stick to my salad. #burpple

Sauce overload! Sticky finger lickin' good tho it might get a little gelak towards the end. (And x complained of being thirsty so...) Chicken was moist and tender. We kinda over ordered and also got their chicken cutlet curry rice lunch set ($9.90) which comes with a drink. The curry was sweet, cutlet was so crispy on the outside it was actually quite sinfully shiok 😁


😘 lolol #stepkorean but hey sorry chirchir, it looks like I've found my new favourite korean fried chicken HAHAHAHA 😍😍😍 #burpple

Chimaek! This was the first chickem that was served, soy garlic flavor. We find it too sweet but in my earlier post, the fried rice chicken was the best! Crispy and juicy! The mojito soju was great too!

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This is the Original which i suspect its baked and not fried thus its "healthier". Too bad we had this after the soy garlic chicken thus it tasted bland which i think it could be!

Another "new" KFC. We ate the Fried rice chicken, soy garlic and original however this rice chicken is the best. Not sure about the "rice" here but it sure its finger licking good. Not too salty like other establishments with just right marination. I just wish they serve the original flavours before the saucy ones as it hinders our tastebuds after having the strong saucy flavor ones.

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(Also ordered the soy sauce one which I actually preferred as it was a little less gelat) Koreans does it the best - kfc will always be my one true love πŸ€— #burpple


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