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Paik’s Bibim is the brainchild of Jong Won Paik, one of Korea’s most successful and renowned celebrity chefs, who has anchored itself as a popular household favourite in Korea. Paik’s Bibim was established at the back of the success of it’s sister brand – Bornga in Singapore for which the first outlet was opened at StarVista in Oct 2012, followed by the 2nd outlet in VivoCity in May 2013. The 3rd Bornga outlet will be opened in Suntec City Mall in September 2014. The first Paik’s Bibim outlet in Singapore was opened in Bedok Mall (#01-95) in November 2013. The encouraging market response had prompted the opening of the second outlet in VivoCity (#02-125) in April 2014. Paik’s Bibim offers a modernized version of everyone’s favorite Korean dish – Bibimbap. The traditional dish is interpreted into a simple, hearty meal at a very affordable price to customers around the world. Each Bibim dishes come with a good serving of fresh vegatables which together with other ingredients promote a balance and healthy diet. Apart from the “Bap” or rice dishes, the restaurant also offers small variety of noodle dishes and snacks. New dishes such as Spicy Beef Bibimbap, Seafood Bibimbap, Spicy Noodle and Topokki (rice cake) have been added as new menu in September 2014.

50 Nanyang Avenue
Block NS3-01-15 North Spine
Singapore 639798

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11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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Ordered the Pork Quinoa Bibimbap Set ($10.90) which consist of Pork Quinoa Bibimbap, steamed egg and canned drink.

The Pork Quinoa Bibimbap seasoning was flavourful but I was shocked they do not have rice in this as I assume Bibimbap is like a rice meal. Hence needed to add $1 for rice. The Steamed Egg I was hoping for some flavour to it but is just like economic rice steamed egg. Nothing special about that.

Although it is Spicy Tofu Soup, there is some meat and seafood in it too. Soup was great and ingredient was not bad. Spent a total of $7.90 (Soup $6.90 & $1 Rice)

Currently, they have a value set (with egg and drink) promotion at $9.90. The seafood bibimbap is usually sold out by evening.

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I try the ‘Beef Bulgogi Bibimbab’
The plate is full of fresh shredded veggie, sweet taste marinated beef and rice underneath.
Swipe to see how it looks after i mix it up.
I found it lil bit too sweet for my liking and i just realised that i forget to put the spicy sauce.
Gonna order the spicy one next time.
Yes it’s not bad and a fun way to eat veggie though!
💰-/+ $8
📍Paik’s Bibim
Rate (4/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -VERY GOOD-
#paiksbibim #bibimbab

Perhaps just like the issue on matter of perspective, with price, taste & portions rivalling into account – this place’s one of those that ill fatedly falls on the extreme: you either love it or hate it.
For one, I personally love the healthy element & modern incorporation despite the skimped portions of meat. & Not to mention, their bibimbap sauce is out-of-this-world. Would definitely return to get their spicy rice cakes.
Rating: 3.2/5
Worth the calories? Yes (please, there are more greens here than the meat)
📷 Credits: Admin @blancheeze

🍜 Such a healthy alternative to fast food~ It is meals like this that makes one less guilty about consuming extra calories. Healthy & tummy, mm hmm❣