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This tomyum is quite intensely sour, but overall still very balanced. Fish was in a huge chunk, not the best type of fish but it's ok. Prawn abit mushy actl, head was fine. Squid was very fresh

There's way too many tourists here. No need to make a special visit, unless you're here for the food market in general

Our first meal in Bangkok was at Pe Aor, where I had this comforting bowl of tom yum soup with prawn, fish, squid, marinated pork and noodles (120 Baht). The soup is really shiok - I like how robust and creamy it was! You can choose your preferred type of noodles, like MAMA and rice vermicelli. We also tried some of their sides like Fried Chicken Wings (50 Baht), which were yummy too!

We came here to try the Regular Large Lobster Tom Yum Goong (THB 999), but was told that it was sold out and only Large (THB 1200) available, can feed 2-3 pax.

There are 4 type of noodle options: maggie mee, bee hoon, kway teow & green egg noodles. Can choose up to 2 types but limited to only one serving. We chose kway teow & bee hoon, but regret instantly because maggie mee was nicer (personal preference).
This bowl of Tom Yum Goong includes: 1 whole lobster, 1 whole squid, 3 mussels, salmon, 2 minced pork and salted egg stuffed in crab shells and 2 onsen eggs.
Their tom yum broth is rice and creamy at the right level.

(THB 1200)

It looks and tastes delish! The egg was deep fried, with crispy edges but soft and fluffy on the inside. Chunks of real crab meat can be found in the omelette. Recommending this dish, although it’s quite oily. (THB 250).

This is one that worth revisiting! Most of their dishes in the menu are very affordable.! Less than 100 Baht and you can get a decent bowl of Tom Yum Kung.
What I ordered is this Lobster Tom Yum Kung available in regular (999 Baht) large (1200 Baht) and jumbo (1500 Baht). Their Tom Yum is neither over spicy nor sour, served with fresh Lobsters, Squid, Mussel, Salmon, Crab Meats, Eggs and Choice of noodles.
Location: 68/51 Soi Petchaburi 5, nearest BTS: Ratchathewi station / 15min walk from Platinum Fashion Mall
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Ventured up through Ratchathewi, through the Muslim quarters to find this little gem. Walking into the little shop, there were many filled tables with people digging into MASSIVE sharing bowls of the lobster tom yum kung. It looked incredible but there was no way we'd manage to finish it so, went with the standard order with mussels, prawn and egg. You also get to choose your noodles - obvs I went with Mama instant noodle.

The tom yum kung soup was so tangy, flavourful and not too rich. If only, if only, there was so much more of it.


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