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Plain ol’ black coffee that comes with half and half creamers and whipped cream. The coffee is refillable so drink up. Their brew is nothing fancy, but good to perk up before a day at the beach or before resuming your drive along the Pacific Coast.

Paradise Cove proudly states that their tacos are world-famous on their menu, citing that these are Pablo’s recipes from home. You get a choice of: The Best Fish Tacos, “Carnitas” Pulled Pork Tacos, BBQ Prime Steak Tacos, Ocean Shrimp Tacos or Spicy Corn & Avocado Tacos with rice & beans, fresh guacamole, sour cream and Pico de gallo.

We got the fish, steak and shrimp tacos to share. I recommend squeezing lemon on all the tacos, as well as loading them up with guacamole and sour cream, except for the beef taco. That’s not to say that the tacos on their own aren’t good, as the fish and shrimp are very fresh, crisp and sweet. However, they tend to mellow out in the taco wrap. The beef taco has a prominent taste on its own, it’s bold and reminded us of Korean beef seasoning for some reason. No matter what it tastes like, the beef was so tender and moist, I would’ve ordered it again. Actually, I would order all these tacos again if I revisited Paradise Cove!

While it’s an expensive stopover with the parking fee, the food is top notch and our waitress Dana was really attentive and nice too.

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A nice stopover in Malibu with a private beach if you don’t want to squeeze with everyone else at Surfrider beach or the other popular public beaches. Paradise Cove charges USD35 for parking, but you can get a discounted rate of USD8 after validation at the cafe with minimum spend of USD30.

We went for the clam chowder cup, which was extremely creamy and sweet. It tasted very different from our clam chowder in sourdough bowl at Boudin. At Paradise Cove, the chowder was thick, creamy and sweet. There was an abundance of chewy clams in the soup, which made it really sweet. We really enjoyed this chowder, much more than the one we had at Boudin Bakery which seemed watered down and stingy with their clams.