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Amino bowl (~$8.90 M), traded out the seeds for granola and added a drizzle of honey 🍯🌰
Acai was not sweet like many other Acai places I’ve tried, even with the addition of abit of honey! Personally prefer it to be sweeter though :-( But with the addition of the (super) sweet strawberries/blueberries, it was slightly sweeter, making it more dessert-like! 🍓 Granola was crunchy and added more of a solid texture to this Acai! .
Overall not really my kinda Acai but it was a refreshing/ healthy-ish dessert in the area!

Ig @goodfomood

Antioxidant - Large ($12.90)
Hot Long Black ($2.9)
A great combination of Goji and fruits after Gym!

Superstar - Large ($12.90)
Hot Long Black ($2.9)

If you want something filling and YUMMY after gym then go for Superstar!! Their Acai isn't sweet (which I like). For those with a sweet tooth, honey comes FOC.

Oh, coffee is cheap and good too!

💵: $8.90

📈: 5/10

🤔: Loved the strawberries and dragonfruit which were sweet and paired well with the acai base, but the other toppings like the granola was too hard, while the goji berries left quite a bitter aftertaste - which I've read is normal, but just wanted to point it out.

Acai bowl with 🍌, blueberries , granola .
It was $12+ I believe , and it was the worst acai bowl I’ve had (I’ve had many , from Project acai to Coocaca , Beriwell etc.) It was really small relative to the price I paid , and it was bland af, literally no Taste at all lmao. I wouldn’t recommend this

A filling and not-so-sinful dessert to end off the week!

$8.90 a bowl, these certainly didn’t come off as affordable though.