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Don't know why it's called that, but this is the standard Es Kacang you'll find here, otherwise known as Es Campur. A very nice icy treat, and the one here is actually really special because they put in tape, or fermented tapioca. It has an acquired taste I'll admit, because the sour tang from the fermentation can be really strong, but my parents seem to really love it. For some, even the smell can be quite off-putting.


Our decision on what to eat was made 1000x easier when we saw this newly opened stall, because my mother said Pancoran in Jakarta is really well known for their food.
Glad that these noodles didn't disappoint, and plus points for having kway teow too, since most places here just offer egg noodles. Flavourful and quite light tasting, which is uncommon here because most are really oily (but good). Love the crunch from the fried wanton skin bits!

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I first heard of them a few months ago, and now they seem to have opened so many more outlets!
I can see why they are popular- when eaten straight off the griddle, these were wonderfully crispy and fluffy on the inside. They are a little too oily for me though, but I guess that's precisely why they're so good. I usually like my waffles plain, but I can never resist Ovamaltine (which is an extremely popular spread here, and offered in almost all the waffle stands I've been to yay!). The dark chocolate sauce is also really good here, not too sweet and gives a very nice, indulgent chocolatey taste to the waffles.
My favourite waffles however, will still have to be the HK egg waffles in Grand City, just because they're just as good without being too greasy. However, Pocoyo is undoubtedly a more convenient option because they seem to be everywhere now!


Honestly wasn't expecting much because I just needed coffee, but wow this is one good cuppa! I did some research and apparently the founder got through to the top 20 finals of the national barista competition in 2015. Very nice blend of coffee, and while I'm no expert so I can't describe it in the usual coffee lingo, I can say I enjoyed the flavours and am very happy I found somewhere I can get a good coffee fix here!


The difference between Singapore's spring rolls and these Indonesian spring rolls is the filling- instead of turnip, bamboo shoot is used instead. There's no peanuts either, but having these deep fried means there's still a nice crunch, though a non-fried version is also available. As with many savoury snacks here, it's served with green chilli which people just eat for a solid spice kick in between bites. The brown sauce, which is actually a fermented bean paste, adds sweetness to it as well.


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