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I'm a fan of bread and so, anything with it would make me happy! I like how the fluffiness and chewiness of a pita bread is. Especially its yeasty element. Hmm. πŸ˜‹

The Pasar Malam in Tampines came back. However, not much food to choose from at this time. The usual Kebab, Takoyaki, Ramly Burger were there. But I'm always looking forward for new stalls whenever, there is Pasar Malam. πŸ˜”
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Katoshka is native to bazaars, and they make their latest show at the bazaar located just outside the Tampines MRT station. These are godsent, with pretty intense flavour of Italian herbs on the fries and a smoky sharp (quite characteristic of aged cheddar) sauce to boot. An extremely sinful grub, that's what this is. (8.5/10)

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These Softnade salted caramel cake donut balls melt in your mouth but pretty much taste like round churros. Still worth $4 to stimulate your tastebuds.

Ever heard of cake donut balls? Fried upon order, they are hot and crispy on the outside with a lining of slight spongey texture inside. The sauce tasted like usual chocolate sauces and I would have preferred a denser and more substantial filling.

πŸ“ Sofnade - Tampines Ramadan Bazaar 2016 (Located next to Tampines MRT)


Impressed and it's such a good choice amidst the heat of the bazaar! 3 toppings are available with each cup: homemade gula melaka drizzle, cendol jelly and coconut shavings. (Just get all lah!) Only gripe was that it melted extremely quickly. Dig in straightaway!

πŸ“ Sofnade - Tampines Ramadan Bazaar 2016 (Located next to Tampines MRT)


Decided to go with the classic Banana + Nutella combination but it didn't really live up to expectations considering the long queue. It was served nicely hot, but slightly too eggy and had an odd yam-like texture within which I wasn't really a fan of.

πŸ“ Bangkok Street Thai Pancakes - Tampines Ramadan Bazaar 2016 (Located next to Tampines MRT)


It's less crowded at 730pm onwards haha!
But because we were so full from dinner, I only had this coconut ice-cream (SGD4) which left me disappointed as there wasn't any coconut taste to it :( My fave Wimi is much better.

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Batter's too thick. It's nice if you eat it once in a blue moon


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I got the assorted option, which came with 3 pieces of each flavour- pandan, red velvet, Oreo and original flavour. It was made on the spot and was piping hot when served. It was on crispy on the outside because of the sugar coated crust yet warm chewy and slightly gooey on the inside. The Churros were drizzled with the hot chocolate sauce, which added extra sin to the dish HAHA πŸ˜‚ extra thumbs up for the Oreo flavour as you can actually taste the Oreo bits in the Churros!! πŸ˜‹#Burpple #tslmakan #whati8today #sgfood #sgfoodie #igsg #8dayseat #SGMakanDiary #ramadhan #churros #locolocosg #roastedpotatopiggiessummeredition #thelocal5everpiggie

The juiciness of the flaming hot tandoori was enhanced by the BBQ-like sauce, and the burger was still too hot to eat even after 10 mins. 2 thumbs up for this, maybe my next supper hunt will be the satay burger πŸ˜› #fatdieme #supper #burger #ramly #burpple #STFoodTrending #tslmakan #8dayseat #sgfood #sgfoodies #igsg #thehalalfoodhunter #nomsterofficial

☺️ Sounds ordinary? Nahh. Though it's basically Bandung (rose syrup and evaporated milk), they used Gula Melaka. Yeah, feels weird to drink from a Ziplock plastic bag. Feels like drinking from a refill pack of detergent soap. But who doesn't love anything weird? Weird things manifest creativity and uniqueness. Weird is beautiful. πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜œ
#simplejoys #yeyfood #bandung #burpple

Before, I don't dare to taste black coffee for the fear of it as overly bitter. But tonight, my curiosity won over fear which led me to queue for Thai Iced Coffee. By just looking at it, you'll thought it would be bitter with some milky flavour. But take a sip, you'll taste the right level of sweetness with some nuttiness infused with it. I'm loving Thai drinks already. Maybe I should go and taste the authentic ones? Well, something to ponder about...πŸ€”
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