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An attractive medley of colours, I just couldn’t decide on one so I had all four flavours - Original, Red Velvet, Pandan and their newest Oreo Churros drizzled with chocolate dip. $5 a cup. Crunchy and sweet, the bite-sized pieces were fried on the spot and coated with a nice amount of cinnamon sugar. My favourite was the little green fellows as the taste of the pandan did come through when I bit into the doughy fritters and the texture was just right. Firm and crispy on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside.

*At Jurong East MRT Trade Fair till 28 March

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Two scoops of coconut ice cream and some toppings, I thought it was pretty expensive at $4. The ice cream was very milky compared to those we get in Bangkok at Chatuchak, and the toppings were in a horrible mess: peanuts, slightly frozen corns, a few pieces of red ruby(pathetic), and gula melaka drizzled on top. The combination of toppings didn't work for me, and because I was expecting something like those we get in Bangkok, I was disappointed.

Like a kid in a candy store ...but in this case at a pasar malam stall, I was so excited to see the Happy Rollies that I just had to drag my dad while pointing at the banner when I chanced upon it at Jurong East. The first thing you will notice is the steady crowd of people forming around the stall some waiting for their orders and most are observing.

With 10 flavours to choose from, out of which 4 are premium (Thai Milk Tea, Kinder Bueno, Brownie & Caramel Biscuits) ! I couldn't really decide so I just went with their recommended combination and chose chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles for the free topping and crunch. The texture of the ice cream is really unique and smooth. You can also distinctively taste the two flavours and for mine see the squashed banana. Get your cup of happiness at $5!

Ps: They will be at Jurong East Bazaar till 31 August 2015.


From O.M.G at the pasar malam near Jurong East MRT Station/Bus Interchange, which sells Taiyaki and egglets with yogurt ice-cream which is sorta interesting for a pasar malam stall.

Turns out to be a big mess; the yogurt ice-cream started melting as it changed hands, sogging up the entire Taiyaki. The cup which was meant to be served with the egglets was also pretty inadequate as it engulfed the entire Taiyaki within the packaging, requiring one to stick their hand into the mess to "fish" the Taiyaki out just to eat, while all attempts seem to result in only a pinch of the mushy Taiyaki with yogurt soft-serve melting on the hands for the Taiyaki had already soaked up the soft-serve and became totally limp. Perhaps the messiest item I have ever had so far ...