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From the Burpple community

Unbelievable steal with thick cuts of roasted chicken breast meat with a good serving of veg from Jubilant Hainanese chicken rice stall. Rice was pretty meh though, oily and lack fragrance.

Fluffy, fragrant and drenched in oil. This huge omelette all fluff with little meat. Still taste nice though.

Crispy well fried chicken wings that packs a solid crunch. Could wipe it all on my own.

Rice was no doubt well fried with eggy fragrance. But the shrimps was tasteless and the squid was almost non existent.

Value for money Thai food. The rice was fragrant and flavourful. Pineapples were sweet and soft. The shrimps were pretty tasteless but at least there were bits of chicken meat in the dish. Wouldn’t recommend adding $0.50 for the egg as it turned out to be overly cooked and super oily.

The additional $1 for otah was totally not worth it. Tasteless and cold, kinda ruin the whole curry rice experience.