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From the Burpple community

Gotta be one of the most unique renditions I've had. The wok hei wasn't too strong but this was very well fried, it's softer than normal but somehow had more bite. Yet the texture works, and it's so additive from the umami of the mushrooms

Must try if you have to get a veg at this food centre

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Rlly good, cooked perfectly and fresh, there's a bit of crab aroma honestly. Meat was reasonably tender, and has a mild chew, as good as it gets honestly. Chili was bright too, a good Thai chili

No complaints whatsoever for this dish, but today they didn't have a lot of other items so that's annoying, but understandable since they always import fresh seafood only, daily

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Again, the freshest

The ray came in today, and you can really immediately tell the freshness. It's almost hard to describe what's particularly good about it, but the texture is different, it's more tender, slightly sticky, and slightly cottony.

Again slathered w their blasphemously good sambal

It's better than I'm describing. Must try!


Alan banana leaves might be the more famous but this is for sure the vastly superior stall, it's only not as popular because of its prices. And that's well deserved, they serve the best seafood, I even hesitate to call this restaurant quality seafood cos it's even better than most restaurants

The sotong was so fresh, it's got this unique super tender, slightly sticky texture. Zero chewiness. That's what the best gets you

The sambal though, oh god. It's very different from usual, it's bright and has a well rounded body, with enough heat to slow you down if you're popping a few into your mouth. There's almost a fruitiness to it, yet not too sweet and the acidity was just right too

They didn't want to reveal what goes into their stellar and unique sambal

Must try. Get yo ass down here(only opens from 5pm tho)

Today's version was basically ketchup kway teow, slightly better. My best friend who recommended this swears it's normally not like that ...

This is not too bad, but slightly underseasoned. Reasonably priced but really theres no reason to travel down