From the Burpple community

Fragrant jasmine rice with curry sauce drizzled over. A nice runny yolk and freshly fried pork chop. Minus the soaked up cabbage, everything here in on-point!

I like my rojak to have cuttlefish and century egg but...

Definitely not a dead housefly too 😅
P.S. Nevertheless, it was still pretty good lah

This was from Yusoff Haji Jalal stall. Minimum order of 10 sticks. The chicken was a bit tough but I think it was thigh meat. Very well marinated. I appreciate a good char in my meats but some sticks of chicken were black, which turned me off. Had to cut those parts out. Too few onion slices. But the sauce was one of the best I’ve tried. Thick and peanutty. It was not overly sweet and was spicier than others.


Whenever I'm troubled over what to eat, I'd go for White Carrot Cake ($4) that satisfies me anytime of the day. It can be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 😊


Good food can be very simple. Stir fry kway teow (flat rice noodles), add lap cheong (Chinese sausage), fishcakes, eggs, chives, cockles, belachan (shrimp paste) and dark soy sauce. This Char Kway Teow ($3) remains popular as our wallet-friendly national favourite dish that I'm proud to tell my foreign friends about. And nope I'm not gonna share, I'm gonna tell them to get one themselves! 🤣


Who craves for Indian Rojak during tea break? Okay... Guilty. I know it's unusual but 4pm in the afternoon and all I wanted was a plate of potatoes, fishcakes, fried tofu, assorted fritters, freshly cut cucumbers and green chilli. And not forgetting the sweet and savoury spicy gravy with chunky nuts. 😋

And I enjoyed this big plate of Indian Rojak ($4) from Hajjal Syed Meeral, accompanied with a cup of creamy and smooth teh tarik. This is zero-calories since I'm indulging myself before Monday comes tomorrow! 😆