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From the Burpple community

Chicken rice set - $5 ($10/2pax)
Tender chicken and tastes good.

Food from: Crab on wheels, fins and feathers and Seoul shiok!

featuring items from wild olives - (1) my favourite bacon and mushroom cream pasta, (2) chicken chop with teriyaki sauce, (3) pork chop with whole grain mustard sauce, and (4) teriyaki pork balls. pair these with a variety of beers from brick by brick, available at @lepantrysg. not an alcohol person but the naked seal pale ale was really easy to drink. crisp, slightly astringent and not bitter at all!

thank you @salutventures for having me!

A coincidence (?) that I happen to have a similar dish 2 days in a row at different places; calling for inevitable comparisons.

Part I: French Toast

Pang of regret because I am no fan of possibly Fairprice bought-Gardenia bread despite the fresh fruits used 🙊


Tried the grilled chicken chop ($4.50) from fins and feathers and it was a decently grilled chicken with a crispy crust. Though the sauce can be better, the fries were good as they were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Great for a casual meal!

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This ayam penyet is so good! Crispy max... chillI is super spicy.
Think ask for extra curry sauce on rice so all grains will be soaked.
I wanna try sotong panggang next time.