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12:00pm - 02:30pm
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12:00pm - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 10:30pm

12:00pm - 02:30pm
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12:00pm - 02:30pm
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From the Burpple community

Ordered 2 tasting portion, Vongole & lamb morguez. As expected the portion is quite tiny. Waiting time was acceptable. Vongole was not bad, but clams mostly were empty shells. Lamb Morguez had a very strong lamb taste and the pasta was definitely not well cooked. Overall, both tasted pretty mediocre

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Pasta Alla Vodka ($18.90 F) 🍝
We had high hopes for this one and boy this was damn SPICY! 🥵 With our choice of squid ink tagliatelle, the sauce was a medley of tomato sauce, bird's eye chilli 🌶, cream and parmigiano while the bacon 🥓 added a nice savoury note. As people who can usually eat 小辣/中辣 , we were not prepared to have to take gulps of water every 2 bites of this dish. But honestly, the spice from the chilli flakes kinda overpowered every other flavour which was really sad. 🙄🙄

📍pasta n co (bugis) @pastaandcosg
Cacio E Pepe ($18.90 F) 🍝
The name of this dish means cheese 🧀 and pepper 🧂but the taste of pepper was soooo overpowering and the sauce was severely lacking :( You could barely taste any cheese in the pasta and it really just tasted like very dry (see above) pepper noodles (according to friends, they used to be good though :< ). This is a miss for us. 🥶🥶

Lamb pasta w/ pumpkin rigatoni
tomato-based pasta with chunks of lamb sausages
actually thought it would be shredded lamb meat so the sausages were a little off putting
but overall amazing flavour with the addition of goat cheese, taste very strong in spices

cacio e pepe
while it may look a little unassuming, there is a lot of depth in flavour, especially from the butter and italian cheese!

slightly pricey especially without the burpple app but premium ingredients are used and the quality is assured
both are tasting portions which is not meant to be filling, wld recommend ordering the full portion as it seems slightly more than double that of the tasting version

Bolognese with dragon fruit pasta. ($19.90 for the Full portion, able to use burpple beyond for the Tasting portion and top up extra for the Full portion)

Full portion is like a regular pasta size.

Beef Bolognese comes with mince beef. There is a good mouthful of mince beef which adds on to a very nice texture in every bite.

The sauce tasted a little sour because of the tomatoes and salty because of the cheese? Good balance of flavours.

There is a choice of flavoured infused pasta. The dragon fruit pasta is a new flavour (I think…) and is shaped like a spaghetti. The pasta does not have a taste of the dragon fruit flavour and is cook till al dente.

This dish is quite worth it due to the amount of beef added to the pasta. I think the Beef Bolognese is one of the better ones compared to other places I visited but I would prefer it to be a little sweet.

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Carbonara with squid ink pasta. ($18.90 for the Full portion, able to use burpple beyond for the Tasting portion and top up extra for the Full portion)

Full portion is like a regular pasta size.

Carbonara comes with bacon and a sous vide egg.

The sauce tasted like an egg sauce with less/no cream but is different from the classic carbonara which is contains only egg yolk, oil and cheese due to a much watery texture (Don’t get me wrong. Watery in a good way, not too ‘jelak’ but still flavourful. Similar to a breakfast set half boiled egg texture).

There is a choice of flavoured infused pasta. The squid ink pasta has a linguine shaped and texture. The pasta does not have a squid ink flavour and was cooked till al dente.

This dish is really special and has a more ‘atas’ feel to it. Overall, the carbonara is a dish worth trying. Quite tasty.

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