Our food is about simply presented wholesome, really flavourful food in a slightly quirky, not too hip, family friendly environment. Put another way, our approach to food is that of a parent cooking with heart, familiar flavours and generous portions but also with the same down-to-earth approach to presentation, in an almost hip environment your parents would feel comfortable in. We started out selling my pesto sauce at events and then graduated to being a hawker. Unfortunately, despite being a hawker at heart, we had to open a restaurant because of escalating rent and the difficulty of hiring staff for a hawker stall. Our food is very laboriously prepared and frankly maybe the most flavourful you've had. We also sell my pasta sauces and soups in vacuum packs which are very convenient for families to prepare a meal with.

205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345

12:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 12:00am

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Not exactly what we expected it to be as it looked like mushroom soup and tasted slightly salty without the typical creamy chowder feel. Fresh live clams were thinly sliced & streaky bacon bites were detected. If you ask me, I still prefer the Muddy Mushroom Soup 😅
Still glad to be back here again for the steak & felt refreshed by the new retrofitted dining atmosphere 👍🏻 #burpple

Owner John has given it a more ‘atas’ setting with more sitting capacity! You can also book the entire place for private/company event as I noticed there’s a built in screen & projector installed 👍🏻
Work in progress too in revamping the menu.
Signature Break-Up Steak ($42.90) will stay of course! How can we not have this juicy 250g Ribeye cut that is sooo good that it could replace your lover 😂


Pasta J is pet friendly and it has great food. I have heard so much about the break up steak even before coming so we had to try it.

Upon arrival, Romeo, was immediately given a bowl of iced water by the friendly staff which he gleefully lapped up. When the steak arrived, he could smell it and got really excited too. Pasta J did not leave him out and brought some beef jerky treats for him.

The steak ($42.50+) was the right amount of fatty and lean, making it so juicy. We had ours medium rare and it was cooked that way, with some parts a little bit more medium. Overall, it tasted great and tender, melting in your mouth! It would be even better if the steak was a bit thicker. Still worth trying though! The steak came with pepper, salt, roasted carrots, mashed potatoes and mushrooms. The carrots were really sweet. (Taste: 8.3/10)

The cafe was spacious and we would come back again with Romeo to try the other things on the menu!

Here for a few times, I still loved their pesto shrimp and squid pasta, one with their specialty pesto sauce that’s punchy with goodness of herbs.
This period, Pasta J also features some limited handmade Dim Sum with flavours you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Think shroom cheese crystal Bao with truffle oil and squid ink dumpling with escargot and pesto. We had their black pepper crab spring roll that was a tasty crab variant to the traditional one.
The best of all, pet owners will be delighted over the fact that this is a pet-friendly restaurant. So much that your pet dog may receive a big tight hug greeting from their boss. A place where you will be able to dine in comfort with your furkids.

Set in a row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road, Pasta J makes an excellent spot for pasta-loving dog owners. Dogs are welcome indoors, but you will have to keep yours on a leash beside you. The owner is likely to come by with lots of cuddles though! He's also known to host dress-up events for fur babies. The upcoming Pasta J Dog Halloween Party is on 29 October, with a best dressed competition for owners and their dogs who show up in costume. Food wise, Pasta J does excellent pastas. Get your meat on with the Caramel Carnivore ($16.90). Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong loves how the pasta is slicked with smoky, caramelised onions and tossed with marrow, meat and cartilage. She also declares the topping of pork balls to be the yummiest she's had! Pro tip: Seating is limited so make reservations if you're visiting in a group.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Kelly Wong

Served in a ☕️
Chanced upon this place cause we saw a pawkid walked out and there was another one inside 😍
The owner (i suppose) is very confident with what's served...

Verdict: 😊 1st time having shredded meat in my mushroom soup. The taste is quite nice...just need a little getting used to i guess.
An additional garlic bread at the side or top with some croutons would be really nice 😊

What is cheekily named the Break-Up Steak ($42.90, because it is good enough to replace your partner...), is one of the stars here at this Upper Thomson restaurant. Cooked to a smoky char, the hearty piece of ribeye (250g) proves to be tender, juicy and everything a good steak should be. It is served sans sauce, so you can taste all its natural beefiness, elevated by a secret housemade rub concocted by chef-owner John. The sides are equally delicious — sweet, caramelised carrots, earthy mushrooms and creamy, comforting mash nicely round up a perfect meal. If you fancy a sweet ending, order the Ultimate Kaya Toast ($6.50), which features rich and silky homemade kaya sandwiched between wafer-thin slices of bread. Ordering breakfast for dessert is an unconventional trick that will certainly reward.
Avg Price: $45 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou

Onions slowly sautéed till they caramelized to give a sweet, burnt aroma that coated the pasta, tossed with marrow, scraps of meat and cartilage. Top this off with one of the yummiest homemade pork balls I've ever tried - we simply couldn't get enough of this #pasta! #burpple #italian

It was the big pork bone stock that was pressure cooked. The delicious-ness of this soup just exploded inside your mouth, wrapping your tongue & every tastebuds with nothing but goodness. A MUST Try 👍🏻


Why that name? It's apparently so good that it can replace your partner after a break-up. #notkidding, that was what was written on the menu! I don't know if it's a comparable replacement, but it was certainly a delicious #steak! It was one of the most tender, juicy cuts that I've ever eaten, and packed a punch in taste. A pinch of the accompanying sea salts on the side (my favourite is the one with chilli flakes!) brings out the flavours of the meat even further 👌🏼 #burpple #meatlover #carnivore

Though not the usual place to get your classic Singaporean breakfast, Pasta J’s rendition, The Ultimate Kaya Toast ($6.50) is bound to leave you wanting more. And with a name like that you know it certainly packs a punch. Made in house with coconut cream (yes, not coconut milk), egg yolks and a great deal of pandan leaves to get that emerald green colour going; it is potent stuff and oh so guuud.

Not to be mistaken for the run-of-the-mill Kaya, theirs don’t suffuse but instead gives a nice concentrated pandan and coconut flavours as the gooey concoction was all smooth, eggy, velvety and coconutty. But while you savour the fragrant and aromatic jam, lets not forget the warm, crispy evenly toasted bread which was both light and held a crumbly wafer texture complete with a thin slice of cold butter sandwiched between.

An oldie but goldie combination that can’t go wrong. Just imagine as you hold the bite-sized toast between your fingers, the warmth of the bread melts the small pat of butter inside and the sweet pandan come oozing out as you take your bite…mmmmm.

This was a hosted meal.

Rather disappointing dish for the hype and the price. Dont get me wrong, the marinate was wonderful and evidently homemade since it was so unique, but the ribs were rather tough despite being juicy. Had to spend a little effort cutting through the ribs with a knife. The smoky aroma was very enticing, but compared to the other dishes this seems to fall short.

While the pesto is famous, i actually prefer it on the crackers. This dish was loved by the table as well, and im proud to announce that the prawns were fantastic and arent overwhelmed by the pesto

(Pictured large)

Ginormous gratifying drumstick was really juicy. The pasta sauce was rather bland but at least it was creamy. Order for the generous chicken drumstick thats gonna fill you up! Black olives were a nice addition but unfortunately couldnt save the rather bland sauce

Majority agreed that this was the best dish of the meal! Full of deep meaty notes from the bone marrow without being too oily, while being nutty with a hint of sweetness. Moreover, pasta was perfectly cooked

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