[CLOSED] Patbingsoo Korean Dining House (Jurong Point)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Patbingsoo Korean Dining House is the first in Singapore to offer the broadest range of favourite Korean dessert, bingsoo (bingsu) in combination with modern Korean savoury and quick bites.

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Price $8.90 (w/o eatigo 50%)
Service 4/10
Taste : 6/10 decent

The beef was really flavorful, slightly stiff
Rice was dry.
Once again wont be back to this shitty place
Don’t waste ur money at this outlet

It is okay and the price is 12.9 (excluding GST and service charge)

Guro bingsoo $12.90++ was full of mangoes and japchae $11.90++ really delighted our taste buds. Very good deal with Eatigo 50%-Off.

Initially wanted the budae jiggae instead but due to a mistake on our part, we ended up ordering the tteokbokki jiggae. Since the latter didn’t come with ramyeon, we added an extra serving of ramyeon as well as Raclette cheese. It’s a pity that the Raclette cheese wasn’t wheeled out on the spot to us but prepared behind, serving it to us in a bowl instead 😞. With a choice of spicy/ nonspicy soup base and pork/seafood, we chose the former for both options. The tteokbokki jiggae (as the name suggests) came with assorted colorful tteokbokki (korean rice cakes) some of which are filled! I especially fancy the purple sweet potato one (swipe to view) which is soft, chewy and filled with creamy and sweet sweet potato fillings. The other flavours available are cheese(white) pumpkin(yellow) along with plain(non filled). The pork slices were tender and juicy with minimal layers of fats. Along with sausages, luncheon meat, mushrooms, cabbage, spring onions, fishcake, the broth was flavourful, spicy but not too overwhelming, though it could get quite salty after awhile. Free refill of soup is provided as well! ✨ As for the Raclette cheese, it had a pungent, acute cheesy flavour that might not be suited for the faint hearted. Though I personally felt it was a good combination with the ramyeon! 💛 // .
A rather awkward dining experience at the Jurong Point outlet, with many stares on us since the shop was rather empty on a Friday afternoon. That being said, the staff were frantically trying to clear our utensils and bowls when we weren’t done with the food 😞 .
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Galore of cheese as the name suggests but definitely in a good and fulfilling way. Kimchi Rice is always a delight to start with and the pork pieces cooked to perfection only adds more flavour to the must try dish. Everybody🤞🏻loves mozerella cheese which is the star ingredient of the dish blended with just the right amount of spices.


It's just purely Korean maggie mixed up with onion, some luncheon meat cubes and pump up the spice level. Pop corn chicken it's worst than those you get it KFC. Can't imagine. 1☆ and 1 time visit only. •

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