Indulge in the new dazzling Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant located at Level 3, Hotel Miramar. With an elegant ambience and various private dining rooms to choose from, you will be impressed with the spaciousness of Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar that can be tailored creatively for your events and private function.

401 Havelock Road
Level 3 Hotel Miramar
Singapore 169631

11:30am - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 10:00pm

11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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11:00am - 03:00pm
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11:30am - 03:00pm
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Reviews at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant (Hotel Miramar)

Reviews of good food at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant (Hotel Miramar)

Say yes to 1-for-1 a la carte buffet (U.P. $58++ per pax on weekends), but no to the quality of food. To be fair, though, there were hits and misses and I'll just list them down below because my family ordered almost half the number of items on the menu.

• Deep fried soon hock fish with garlic and Japanese soft sauce
• Steamed pa tung fish with minced garlic in superior soy sauce
• Steamed live prawns in Chinese wine and herbs (fresh!)
• Deep fried fresh prawns with Jackfruit sauce (really fresh prawns with a crisp exterior)
• Roasted crispy pork (lean yet flavourful)
• Fried salmon skin with salted egg yolk
• Baked spare ribs in pineapple sauce
• Poached local spinach with three kinds of egg

• Fried carrot cake with X.O. sauce
• Braised beef brisket
• Sauteed kurobuta pork cube with leek and terriyaki sauce (method of cooking is not doing justice to the quality of pork)
• Cha siew with bones (why bones??)
• Braised homemade beancurd (tasteless)
• Stewed spinach noodles (noodles clumped together)
• Peking duck (skin is not crispy)
• Soups

It was the very first dish that came right in front the eyes of 2 hungry souls.

The egg tarts were served warm upon order, and the pastry was very crispy and crumbly; the tart filling was custardy and between bouncy & oozy. You can evidently taste the sugar in the tart filling, and the butter in the pastry. It would have been better if the pastry was thinner to accommodate for more tart filling!

We ordered a second plate of this as our dessert hoho.


Dim sum ala carte @ 50% off on Mondays to Thursdays (30% off on Fridays to Sundays)!

Didn't carry much expectations when we came for the dimsum cos we were plainly hungry and had huge huge cravings for dimsum! (We actually skipped breakfast for this.)

There were a couple of interesting dishes which you can't find elsewhere - fried codfish with black pepper sauce, fried milk curd with almonds, fried banana prawn rolls, steamed yam cake with scallops. All these didn't disappoint, so it's a must try!

P.S. the prawns in the har gow and banana prawn rolls were huge and crunchy!
You can also taste the mushroom and prawn bits distinctively in the Siew mai.

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Peach Garden @ Hotel Miramar has an unbelievable a la carte buffet which features a massive lineup of 38 Chinese delights.

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We paid $35 per pax for a Weekend Buffet Lunch at Peach Garden - they're running a 50% discount off their ala carte buffet prices.

Food was very well done, each person could order something from the double boiled series - double boiled sharks' fin / double boiled abalone soup with fish maw etc.

Seafood selections were well-done, selections include indonesian styled steamed prawns, fish, crispy prawn balls, pomelo sauce etc. We ordered almost everything off the seafood selection.

Portions are really big though, so do be sure to let the staff know to only serve up smaller portions. If you like that particular item then order another portion (buffet, anyway!). What was most commendable in my opinion, was the Deep Fried Soon Hock with garlic and superior soya sauce. Must try!

Overall a very good buffet experience with high quality food. Much more worth it than the regular buffets out there! Ambience good for family lunches too, very presentable :)


Great view, good food, meh service. Review on

Extreme value for money with decent food. It beats the dim sum buffet at Jade of Fullerton hands down. If you happen to have their flyer with you, it comes with a free Peking duck as well!


This had a good meat to fat ratio and the skin was nice and crisp. The dish came with a mustard dipping sauce which gave it a nice zing. However for $12 we only got about seven pieces.

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Saturdate with the fam! #foodporn #peachgardensg #burpple

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