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11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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11:30am - 11:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

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second bingsu from this place, not bad worth trying. food seems to be more geared towards sharing potion so don’t think i’ll be back.

Had to check out the Penang Prawn Mee after reading Burppler @happygreedyfoodie’s post. Yup, she’s right - the broth has been improved on and possesses more depth and richness of prawn flavour now. I couldn’t bear to waste a drop.
Pictured is the $6 bowl but hungrier people can upsize to the $8, and there’s always the option of adding pork ribs and/or intestines for $2 more each.


Fried with salted egg yolk and prawns and topped with crab meat, this $12 plate of noodles did the job of scratching that itch for CKT I woke up with.
Even though this deluxe version is tasty, my heart still belongs to their regular one. If you can handle spiciness, ask for it to be fried with extra chilli. It’s more shiok that way.


Despite our protests that we are too full, @happygreedyfoodie ordered this to share and we are glad she did. The toast was delicious, crusty and crispy on the edges and the cheese added a savoury dimension to it. What is injeolmi toast? It's basically a Korean rice cake sandwich. You can top it up with condensed milk but I liked it as is.


Am glad I finally got to try the cendol bingsu at @penangbagus. It is very good. The shaved ice is made from santan, coconut milk and so when it melts, it doesn't dilute the taste of this traditional dessert. Perfect for today's sweltering heat! Bingsu portions are large here so it's meant to be shared. @happygreedyfoodie, @sk_food_and_travel, thanks for bringing me here to try this today and @veronicaphua for discovering this gem in the East.

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Whilst @penangbagus' version is noteworthy, it's still missing something. I can't pinpoint what it is. I would still say that their version is probably one of the best you can find in Singapore.

This new joint along Tanjong Katong Road (a few doors down from Punggol Nasi Lemak) is set to satisfy eastsiders with hearty Penang fare and for dessert, an unusual choice of Korean bingsu (the two co-owners are each from Penang and Korea). You wouldn't go wrong with the Assam Laksa ($6) featuring Penang-imported noodles that absorbs the full-bodied gravy so well. The gravy is on the sour side, but is really appetising thanks to its tanginess. Another classic to try is the Penang Char Kway Teow ($6), which has lots of 'wok hei' and just the right amount of spice for a nice kick. For dessert, try the Chendol Bingsu ($6.90), which sees frozen coconut milk delicately-shaven, bingsu style. This is then topped with green rice jelly, red beans and gula Melaka syrup made from scratch. At under $7 for a bowl of artisanal deliciousness, this is definitely a steal. Pro tip: Look out for daily specials like Coconut Iced Coffee ($5) and Penang Nutmeg Juice ($3), and a soon to be introduced Lor Bak (price to be disclosed)!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Order both! 😆 Love the tangy broth and flavourful kway teow 🤤 Comes at $6 each and you can upsize the portion for an additional $2! I do like the normal portion, because... room for desserts!! Another must order is the coconut coffee. Default comes with one shot and the coconut taste is stronger, order an additional shot if you want more coffee taste! So must better than a restaurant at Suntec that I'm not naming 😏

Besides the authentic Penang food, they serve Korean dessert too., quite unique.

We had a good try on their chocolate Banana 😋


Super tasty dish with a nice hint of spice. Will definately be back for more 👍

But this Chendol Bingsu totally made sense as the 1 dish that brought the 2 together. Having the snowy fine Bingsu ice as the base of a Chendol was just the perfect element to elevate it to the next level. However, our lesson learnt was not to dilute the essence of the snow ice with ice cream, which we thought would add creaminess with a coconut gelato.
Back to the story on Korean Bingsu at a Penang food place. As far as we remembered, this place started with Bingsu before it took on the name of Penang Bagus offering some good authentic Penang flavours.

Looking fabulous and tasting even more so is this Coconut Ice Coffee. Because they use the premium Italian brand of Kimbo, the coffee itself is full-bodied and fragrant. When drunk with the frozen coconut slushie, it tastes wonderfully refreshing and quite unlike any other cold coffees.
I consider this another must-try at newly-opened Penang Bagus on Tanjong Katong.

What makes the Assam Laksa at Penang Bagus special is that their noodles are brought in from Penang. Unlike most stalls in Singapore that use the easily-available thick beehoon, this imported variety is less "perfect" in appearance but is capable of absorbing the gravy better. Which makes every mouthful much more flavourful.
Speaking of the "assam" gravy, the one here is not mouth-puckeringly sour (well, not on the day I was there anyway). So that's good news for some and not-so-good for others depending on your personal preference (I was happy enough with it myself). Also, once the fine pieces of fall-apart sardine are stirred in, the gravy thickens into a full-bodied consistency which is lovely. I was pleased that they're really generous with the garnish of pineapple, cucumber, lettuce and onions too.

I enjoyed this Penang Char Kway Teow a lot. It came with plenty of "wok hei" and had just the right amount of spicy kick.
Such "shiok-ness" made it hard to not hoover up the entire plate. But we had ordered an Assam Laksa and a Penang Prawn Mee as well to share, and I needed tummy space to try everything.
I'll be getting this again for sure when I return.


We tried and enjoyed their soup-based noodles more than the BKT.
Their Penang Hokkien Mee was flavourful as indicated by the colour of its broth, although I would have enjoyed it more if it was spicier. Of note was their Assam laksa that was as tasty, and we loved that it used Mee Tai Mak from Penang itself.
However, there wasn't much to shout about in their herbal BKT which fell flat of that punchy herbal taste we had expected.
This place also offered Korean Bingsu, an interesting combination with Penang food one might think. But it could be explained from their origin, as we would elaborate in due soon.


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