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Malaysians stuck in Singapore should really try this place out. You will thank me later.
Dishes to try:
> Penang CKT ($9)
> Assam Laksa

the prawn mee needs improvement so yea you can skip that

warm soupy goodness for ~$9 as well!! feels VERY homely and defo my comfort food 😋 omg i’m hungry looking at this

oh yes and reusable lunchboxes and cups from MUUSE are offered across penang kitchen outlets! :)

their noodles are thin!! one portion is ~$9 - not the most affordable given its portion, but this is what u get for restaurant fare!

this outlet is a cozy stall nestled in a corner, not many tables available and there wasn’t anyone else dining there prolly bc of the current situation

Came across the new outpost of Penang Kitchen; with their very original shop space still located within Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah, they had since opened a second space within Far East Plaza taking over the former premises of Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry (or some may be more familiar with the space being the kitchen area of Kra Pow in its previous shop space). Was really impressed with all the items that we had tried, from the Homemade Lo Bak Go (Carrot Cake) to their Penang Char Kway Teow and their Nasi Goreng Kampong Penang.

Being yet another item that is made in-house, the Homemade Penang Loh Bak comes with minced pork wrapped in beancurd sheets. Opting for the portion where 2 rolls are served, patrons can also pick the larger portion which comes with 3 rolls instead. Really liked how the beancurd skin wraps the minced pork so tightly; no loose bits of meat here nor would one find the beancurd skin unravelling and causing the whole Loh Bak to end up in a mess. We also enjoyed how savoury these were without being too greasy; carrying a good bite, these came with chestnuts within the filling for a crunch that gives it varying textures. Dipping them into both the chili and malt provided, my heart lies towards the latter for how the sweetness balances out the savoury flavours — a harmonious combination that would never turn out wrong. Whilst prices here are a little higher (closer to $10 for a main) as compared to the eateries at Level 1 or Level 5, Penang Kitchen still works well for a meal on budget in Orchard; most certainly a place I would return to again for more great Pennag fare.