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Penny University is an artisanal cafe born out of a love of coffee discovered in London. We source our beans from local roasters, serve specialist cakes and bread freshly baked daily in the area, support and collaborate with local bakers and aim to be a haven for people of the East Coast and beyond. *Muslim-owned

17 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199329

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08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

08:00am - 05:00pm

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From the Burpple community

We didnt know what we should order from penny uni tbh and literally scroll thru burrple. Decided to order turkish eggs ($14) but felt disappointed on soft boiled egg 😅 and my friend said sourdough bread slightly hard to chew thru. I literally removed spicy sauce from the dish as I didn't really take spicy lol.

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I felt that matcha latte ($7.50) quite sweet (a bit matcha taste) and milky, need to shake it before drinking as matcha powder didn't just dissolved it off that fast.

Someone suggested for spiked muddy ($7) and taste not bad and not that acidic taste for coffee.

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As for the Classic Eggs Ben, you can choose between smoked salmon or turkey ham (we highly recommend the salmon) to go with their poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and rosemary lemon sourdough. The poached egg was done to perfection and splitted gracefully when we cut it open. The hollandaise sauce was also sweet and umami, a perfect complement to the sourdough which may be otherwise hard to have on its own. The bread was quite toasted and crunchy but I would have preferred it to be fluffier and soft.

Read more at:

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4.5 ⭐️ / 5

Had the Mediterranean Breakfast & was pleasantly surprised by how the taste of all the items in the dish complemented each other! A really unique breakfast & can’t wait to be back to try the other dishes.

I really loved the ambience & atmosphere. The servers were really attentive to us as well. Please drop by this cafe when you’re in the area, you won’t be disappointed.

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Penny University is probably a pretty established name in the local cafe scene by now — established since 2013, Penny University has been a name that is often mentioned for being one of the many cafes that are part of the third-wave coffee movement in the East. Moving out of their old premises earlier this year, Penny University has stepped out of its familiar grounds in the East with its new location being in Kampong Glam, taking over the former premises of the now-defunct The Beast at 17 Jalan Klapa. The size of its Penny University’s new space isn’t too far from the size of their former outpost at East Coast Road, though the stark difference one would notice would be how the new space is set up in a rectangular layout rather than that of the slight more squarish floor plan that it used to sit on. The folks at Penny University have probably spent quite a while in detailing the design of the space; there are actually two distinct dine-in areas — the “outdoor” seating area (also where the coffee bar is at) is where one would find themselves at whilst entering the space, which also features a seemingly open and brightly lit area that is especially welcoming with loads of natural elements such as wood and plants. Further into the shophouse unit is an “indoor” seating area; this one features an interior that is darker and features warm, yellow lighting that creates a more intimate setting which also replicates that of its now-defunct East Coast Road location. Visiting Penny University during their soft launch phase, Penny University was only serving up a small selection of hot food items — familiar items such as the Moroccan Baked Eggs and the Eggs Benedict still has its place in this iteration of the menu, while it was only noted that espresso-based coffee and filter coffee were the only beverages available.

Being one of the items that was being carried over from their menu when they were previously located at East Coast Road, the Turkish Eggs is described in the menu to consist of elements such as poached eggs, whipped Greek yogurt, spicy Moroccan harissa, oregano and sourdough on the side. Essentially being more of a breakfast dip, the Turkish Eggs can be said to be a rather simple but hearty affair — the entire item seems to be heavier on the whipped Greek yogurt; the whipped Greek yogurt being the base for all the other elements to be mixed in. The poached eggs were well-executed; features a molten, runny egg yolk within that blends into the other elements pretty well — the spicy Moroccan harissa giving the dish a slightly spiced note and a light, fiery kick that should be manageable for those whom are less tolerant to spiciness generally; the flavours being pretty close to that of one would expect to be served with Turkish / Moroccan-style baked eggs or even to the extent of several dips that is usually served with flatbread in Mediterranean-style cuisine. Dipping the strips of sourdough which were served in a form that one may call them bread soldiers, the sourdough was provided a firm chew and a crisp bite on the exterior; itself carrying a distinct tang from the fermentation process typical for sourdough breads — the sourdough itself being a rather sound choice considering how it does not excessively absorb the dip that would have made it too soft and soggy unless one soaks it into the dip for too long.

Penny University has been quite an institution for specialty coffee during its days in the East — a spot that has also managed to garner its own following, especially being one of the few Muslim-run cafes way back in the days when specialty cafes that are part of the third-wave coffee movement have been sprouting up in almost every corner of Singapore. Whilst it did seem rather unfortunate that Penny University is now no longer in the East — perhaps a significant loss for their loyal patrons whom reside in the area, Penny University’s new location at 17 Jalan Klapa signifies a new beginning for the brand; the new premises incorporating a look that is pretty much in-line with the decor theme of specialty cafes these days for its “open” seating area that occupies the front of the cafe, while still maintaining some sort of the vibes of its previous location at East Coast Road in the “indoor” dining space at the back; something that would really resonate with their regular patrons that have followed through their growth and journey in the local cafe scene over the years. We also liked how they have kept to serving a number of their classics that regular patrons have seemed to have grew to love in the past decade, though we would definitely be looking forward to any new creations that they might be coming out with when they have entered into their official launch; coffee is also well-executed here with our cuppa being one with a medium body and a fruity flavour profile. All in all, Penny University’s new location is a new beginning for the brand, yet is a nod to all those years that they have been in the East — a spot to visit for those whom have followed them all these years, and also worth checking out for those whom have wanted to do so, but have yet to make a visit there.

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Love love penny university, their offerings never disappoint!

Espresso with oat milk ($6.50)
Made with otis oat milk, the oaty taste is subtle and not too overbearing (looking at you, Oatly) and the coffee is not too acidic as well. Perfect combination! Loved it, will be back for more!!

White chocolate lemon tart ($8.50)
All time favourite, have been back many times for this and it’s still as good as the first time I ate it. Tangy lemon taste coupled with the fragrant cookie base, yum yum. Must order at penny!

Mint chocolate ($6.50)
This is a refreshing drink with a subtle minty taste; not very sweet and it tastes slightly bland, but pairs really well with the sweetness of the tart. 🤤