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Have been eyeing this for a while now and finally gave it a try! It’s a tiny stall among the other take-away food stalls just in front of People’s Park Complex - right next to the shop selling lots of bottled drinks. Think they only have this and grilled squid on the menu for now. The grilled cold noodles is made by grilling a sheet of noodle, topped with onions, chili, egg and sausage, before being cut up. Noodle texture is the more dense sort and has a bit of a chew. It’s saucy, spicy and sweet, a pretty addictive combination I must say! Not sure how authentic it is, but I liked it!

📍烤冷面 (Take-away Food Stall)
In Front of People’s Park Complex


Price around $12.50 for two packets of rice. Taste wise was ok but there are many other stalls there which is pretty highly rave too such as the ytf, duck rice, xlb which is slightly cheaper! Will give those a try next time :)

People’s park roasted delights

From a shop that has been here from the beginning of ages -

Excellent chewy noodles ( very similar to the ones I had at abc market - see my earlier posts )
Tossed with a great marination - not too sweet or salty and best of all - not drenched in the corn starch sort of sticky sauce .

The char siew was lean and nice but a little tough in my opinion - could be more tender 😊


An old heartwarming grandma who prepares the popiah with love when ordered! :”) just simple honest good old popiah

Lots of good food here: the famous 日日红 Ri Ri Hong Mala fragrant hotpot, Original Koo Kee yong tau foo stall and another famous Yong Tau foo stall is here too. This time I had La mian with chicken cutlet for only $3.50??! It’s not bad but the broth was rather bland. Egg tomato noodle was dull too, not as tomatoey as I was expecting for.. Still, it did fill my stomach and cost below $10 for 2 pax.

When Renae, a foodie friend of mine, asked me if I would like to try some good and authentic "Biang Biang Noodles", I said yes at once. It did take a while though for us to find a date that worked but our trip to People’s Park Complex was a fruitful one on all accounts.
The eatery is located outside the building and faces the hawker centre. It has a black signboard with the Chinese words “西安印象” and a perpetual queue of Chinese nationals either waiting to place, collect or wolf down their orders at the few tables situated in front. The air crackles with energy as you approach the food shops lined along that stretch and the authenticity is undeniably loud and proud.
Renae did the ordering and that is how I had a serving of Biang Biang Noodles as well as two Pork Buns (she must think I have a bottomless pit 😂), while she had a plate of 西安传统拌面 (Xi’an traditional mixed noodles) and the two of us shared a plate of braised pig’s ears.
I really enjoyed the broad and extremely long handmade noodles from this stall. Smooth, soft but enjoyably chewy, there was probably a total of two ribbons of noodle per plate - just like the last Biang Biang Noodles I ate in, of all places, New York. This stall’s version differs from that as it is a touch sweeter and has a refreshing burst from smashed fresh tomatoes, raw chopped garlic and plenty of beansprouts. I must say, I‘d spam it with chilli the next time for a bigger kick.