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Reviews of good food at People's Park Complex Food Centre

Saw this stall (真好喝/Tastes Good - couldn’t see stall number) at People’s Park and really enjoyed their grass jelly + bubbles milk tea ($3 for medium). Got the 50% sugar and it was just right - a good balance of tea, sweetening, and toppings. Would definitely come back and try other stuff from here

Both my colleagues strongly recommend the Xiao Long Bao ($4 for 6) from this stall (#01-1130) but I found it to be very dry. None of the dumplings had soup and at least two had holes in it (which obviously explains the lack of soup). The filling was flavourful, but that couldn’t make up for the rest.

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Fa soon kueh

These handmade soon kuehs are the best I have eaten in a Long Long time . So Fresh ( because they are made on the spot ) and incredibly juicy - yes ! Each soon kueh is just bursting with generous fillings of julienned turnip, black fungus, carrot and dried shrimps.

The soon kueh has also a good skin to filling ratio and the skin is just right and QQ too .

Mix in some of the homemade chilli paste and a little of that black sauce and ohhh... so good !

Specialising in soon kuehs, this stall also does pretty good chives dumplings and Peng kuehs do make sure you pack an assorted pack of kueh home because one is never enough .


First time trying this stall #01-1098 at people park complex. Generous portion for $3. The char siew was easy to eat, flavourful, tender and the sauce was great. It might taste a little sweet for some but I liked it. Recommended to try.

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I love the old school yong tau foo here and today, we also checked out the soon kueh shop and bought some and ku chye kueh and Hakka abacus seeds.

Brown rice with a whole bowl of veggie goodness! Love the thick green broth with additional braised tofu! It’s so delicious and healthy!

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This was a pretty decent bowl and generous portions! When in doubt just follow the queues

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Mix of tendon and beef

Nothing particularly impressive apart from its decent portion and softness. Soup lacked beefy notes and tasted bland/of msg

OK it's not bad enough to be put into this list but it definitely doesn't go into "good hawker"

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Sorry if there's a page for the specific stall I can't seem to rmb it

But this is totally the bomb fall off the bone tender mutton I never expected mutton to be this tender. I literally sucked the meat off the bone. U know those tender chicken wings where u can pull the bones out and eat the whole wing? This is the mutton version of that. Moreover it's very well marinated and a dash of chili flakes completes this incredibly meaty snack

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Stall #01-1080 sells two types of oyster omelette - one which is literally omelette style and the other is our usual mixed starch with egg batter. I got the latter and I see why the hefty price tag ($5/$8/$10). If we are talking by food centre's standards, these oysters are obese! 😍 I also love the seasoning and enjoyment between the softness and light crisp of that batter. I will join that queue again!

Stall #01-1080 has no name yet its popularity at the food centre is proven by the faithful customers who are willing to queue in such hot weather. 🤗

They must have used real good eggs, just look at that golden yellow omelette. I love the soft steamed radish cake cubes and bits of preserved radish which added some beautiful aroma and saltiness to every bite I took. 😄 The carrot cake comes in $3/$4/$5 and it is a great choice for sharing! Makan up~~

Despite the sweltering heat, people still have steaming baskets of these plump babies on their tables. Reason is very simple - there are SIX soup-filled dumplings with the right stretchy chewy skin for just $4! Though the skin is a bit thick, this is one of the cheapest xiao long baos with pleasant taste of pork broth and meat filling. 😙 Look for Jin Feng Mei Shi (金凤美食) at #01-1130.

Located near to Upper Cross Street, Zhen Zhu Fang Roasted Delights featured in 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore, they offer cantonese roast meats like pork chop and duck rice.

Having Mee Pok (flat noodle) dry with some assorted handmade Teochew fishball. The springy noodle pairs well with the accompany chilli sauce and the fishballs are bouncy in texture too
Satisfy brunch ends with a cup of Hainanese Coffee 👍🏻ok now must go order some pineapple bits Bak Kwak #cuisineparadiseeatout #sgfood #hawkerfood #burpple #foodblogger #foodporn

A bit too spicy for me, as I am not a chilli lover.
Price: $4

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