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Bold, punchy flavours. Seafood, meat, vegetables. Ah yes, their awesome Belachan chilli too.
Sounds like any other food, but it’s the strong spiciness, saltiness, sourness and sweetness that set them apart of others.
Of cos, the traditional interior of a Peranakan place that also makes dining feel and taste more homely.

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This long established Peranakan restaurant has one of the most photogenic versions of this local dessert that I have ever come across. Tastes pretty good too.

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Something I have never posted or tried before! Peranakan food!
This is Itek Tim S$12 (taste like salted veg duck soup)

Curry fish head, Peranakan style. Very affordable n delicious!

Awesome feast dinner treat from the birthday boy, erm man I mean. 😆❤