[CLOSED] Peranakan Khek

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * A curated menu of handmade kueh: small snacks inspired by traditional Peranakan culture and the humble ingredients of the region.

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I find Kueh Putugal unique as its my first time trying and I love it. It has banana in it. Both cost $2. Kueh Salat is quite wholesome and generous with fillings. I would be back for more Kueh Putugal as I didn’t come across any other place selling Kueh Putugal, so its a ⭐️ find for me. On the outside its like odeh odeh pattern on the inside is soft n moist with banana. A good combination. Shared with my colleagues and they had twinkle in their eyes too.

How incredibly good this simple slice is! Doesn't need any cream at all as it was moist enough on its own. Texture is utterly spectacular as it is super soft and airy but as you chew it melts into this creamy substance before disappearing entirely, leaving behind only the wonderful aroma of Kaffir lime. Exceptional and really puts most of the 7-8$ sliced cake places to shame

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ASTOUNDING. Tapioca was so on point. I can't imagine the texture being better than this. Banana was also superb, with a nice slight bite and so much flavour. Much love for this little ball of happiness. It's unbelievable how something so seemingly simple can impress so much

What they're known for and for damned good reason. Slightly salty wonderfully chewy rice, as well as a thick fragrant layer of pandan curd. Ratio of the curd to the rice is totally on point

Nice soft yet slightly chewy skin, enveloping dessicated coconut coated in gula melaka which wasn't too sweet. Simple and standard

Bright pumpkin-orange Kueh Bulan - Inside this tortoise-shell glutinous rice peel is a mix of mashed pumpkin seeds, candied wintermelon and sesame seeds.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/peranakan-khek/