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136 Bedok North Avenue 3
Singapore 460136

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10:30am - 09:30pm


10:30am - 09:30pm

10:30am - 09:30pm

10:30am - 09:30pm

09:00am - 09:30pm

09:00am - 09:30pm

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Basically a plain croissant in mushroom cream sauce /soup, with truffle oil. The croissant obviously gets all soggy as it soaks up the sauce, so it's not my top pick from their creative croissant menu, but it does have its charm, usually on rainy days.

Kinda odd! Don’t expect it to be sweet, but don’t expect it to taste like coffee either. The other ingredients from Cheng Tng are there - white fungus, ginko nuts, wolfberry (枸杞). Tried once for the novelty, don’t think I’ll try it again!

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$8.50. Was an unusual pairing that was actually quite pleasant together. The sweetness of the various Cheng Tng ingredients (GENEROUS AMOUNT) complemented the acidity in the cold brew used.

Finished the entire bowl. But regretted slurping up the last few spoonfuls as it got cloyingly sweet at the end. Think it was the sugar used as part of the Cheng Tng. Would think it would be better if I had mixed it as I ate it overtime!

$5.50. Got an extra shot (+$0.5) to give it a better milk to coffee ratio and make it more reminiscent of a flat white for myself. It was a pretty decent cup that was quite fragrant.

Was a good cup for a rainy afternoon.

I was too hungry so i ate the dish and realised that i have forgotten to take a photo of it. This is my 2nd order from Percolate Grab. I love their savory croissants! This is pretty good, served with real hae bee, cheese and fried onions. Worth a try!

Longans, Goji Berries, White Fungus, Gingko, Cold Brew Coffee.

Cheng Tng is a classic local dessert that rarely sees a modern take, which is why I was pretty surprised to see the Cold Brew Cheng Tng make its appearance on the menu here at Percolate. Cheng Tng usually comes with a lighter flavour profile that is rather refreshing; the use of Cold Brew here provides the Cheng Tng with a punchier note that is surprisingly not as heavy-handed as how black cold brews tend to be — it gives the dessert a distinct floral note amidst the slightly herbal flavour that is pretty much the signature of the dessert served in its usual form; all that with a pretty clean finish without overwhelming the tastebuds with the aroma of coffee after each spoonful. Coupled with the usual ingredients you will pretty much find in a usual bowl of Cheng Tng, it is interesting how the Goji Berries seems to be in a dehydrated, candied form — provides a sweet crunch almost akin to that of candies fruit which provides a contrasting flavour and texture to that of the Cheng Tng as opposed to the other ingredients such as the Longan, Gingko and White Fungus that provides some bite.

It’s not quite something meant for those who usually goes for safer items on the menu; definitely an item that is more abstract and meant for the slightly more adventurous ones — a take on Cheng Tng that is likely to stir the feelings for some but brings in surprises for those who may be open to such things. Still, this is probably as much of a novelty of an item I had got out of any dish I have tried thus far for the year — an item that is out there to showcase their knowledge on specialty coffee being a cafe that is part of the third-wave coffee movement; also an item that is pretty worth trying out at least once just to step out of the comfort zone, and to see how this modern iteration of a local classic would turn out to be.