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From the Burpple community

What better way to start the eve of National Day than to have a tasty cup of Coconut Latte [S$5.50]. It’s so natural and it’s not sweet as compared to some that adds sweet coconut syrup.
Always a good place to wind down and appreciate the blessings in life.

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The matcha flavour did not get lost even after dissolving the Milo (Although I prefer directly licking up the Milo powder). Soba salad ($13.50) was yummy with lots of cheery coloured vegetables served with chicken breast and chilled soba with a tinge of lemongrass dressings though a tad overpriced.


Ordered some plain croissants from Percolate and added a tea cake just to try. This cake costs $6 on Grabfood yet it’s so smalllll that I could finish it in less than 2 bites. Such a sad purchase for the price. ☹️

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We have Sesame Chocolate$6 , Coconut Latte$5.50 and Banana Loaf$10..Firstly, Coconut Latte quite bitter that I'm not that used for it but it's so nice eat with Banana Loaf which have sweet taste. Secondly, Sesame Chocolate are so delicious because of the roasted black sesame. It's my first try for this kind of art coffee.. Very impressed.. Now I know the taste..Next time have to try other coffee and dish..

Love the moist pulut hitam pandan cake. Am going to waste my Sunday here doing people watching.

An oasis of thick, supple and moist slice of banana loaf blanketed by a gamut of ingredients – mascarpone, almond nut butter, banana slices, strawberries, blueberries, blueberries, green grapes – and a drizzle of honey encompassing the centerpiece. It’s just as decadent as the first time I remember having it. 😋

It was a luxurious treat that went hand in hand with the Hot Sesame Coco I ordered together with this! 😍