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We had chilli flower crab, crab with tanghoon, fried frogs, grilled squid (what’s with this country serving squids in 3s though), and kangkong (not in picture). The dishes were properly spicy and went well with local beer.

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Tried some Sweet Potato fries, Zucchini Pesto Pasta, Explorer Quesadilla, and Chocolate Acai Bowl. Everything was soooo Gooood. Don't mind turning into a Vegan if food is served like this. 🌴🌴🌴 #onmytable #handsinframe #flatlayforever

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Known in khmer as “café tuk koh tuk toek gok”. This local drink is pretty popular around here. Consider it as a daily need to jumpstart the day. Also, you'll probably want one to endure the country's hot weather. 😂

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This 100% Vegan Cafe at Cambodia is a Gem. 😍😍😍 #handsinframe #acaibowl

Kinda odd but there's something satisfying about biting into a freshly baked baguette and soft luncheon.