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24 Foch Road
Singapore 209263

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09:00am - 05:00am


09:00am - 05:00am

09:00am - 05:00am

09:00am - 05:00am

09:00am - 05:00am

09:00am - 05:00am

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From the Burpple community

Wow. The meat was damn fresh.

But the champion is the home-made meat ball.

I didnt like the salted vegetable taste to the soup though, will instruct them to exclude in future.

Big [email protected] $6.80

Simply awesome.

Rather clean tasting soup though it seems q cloudy. Organs were cooked well, esp the pork stomach which was very tender. The soup had a predominantly sour taste profile from the pickled veggies and the chili had an edge to it.

Not bad and there's a short queue despite the location

Had this on a sweltering sunny day but this comforting bowl of pig organ soup (Small, $4.20) would’ve been perfect in this cold gloomy weather.

Am not particularly discerning and haven’t had this for so long, so I can never remember which is the ‘better’ soup. Anyhooooo, I did enjoy this. No kidney for the small bowl so if you enjoy it (not a fan so it’s no go for me), get the large bowl!

Fresh offals with no funkiness, lean meat was tender but my only gripe was that the liver was slightly too powdery. The soup was well-balanced; robust but not overly salty. Loved the addition of salted vegetables and soft tofu!


Ordered the Pig’s Organ Soup which came with pork belly, meatballs, tofu, salted vegetables, belly, stomach and liver (wishing they included kidney too). The Steam Minced Meat With Chestnut & Salted Fish was tender but couldn’t really taste the salted fish. The meal was worth a try but not as expected given the raving reviews.

When I'm wishing that I can have carbs with this. So darn good. Tender meat, not too fatty, filled with tendons 🤩


Free refill of soup. Pig organ soup cost $4.20(s) and $6.20 (l). Late dinner so two of us shared just one rice. The soup was nicely flavoured with salted veg added to give it a slight sour taste. The shop is generous with the ingredients too.

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