[CLOSED] Pint & Dine

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From the Burpple community

Well cooked, broth full of flavour. Great presentation too. Cozy vibes in the cafe

Pint & Dine is a one-of-a-kind culinary establishment with a menu that’s very much inspired by the idea of simple and honest cooking. Their K-Chick Waffle ($18) which consists of the classic fried chicken and waffles combination with an added side of kimchi and onion rings is exemplary of that. Take a bite and you’ll know what we mean!


a nice cafe w good vibez + korean songs 🥺 ordered the bulgogi carbonara, mentaiko salmon rice bowl and chicken cutlet rice bowl but those were disappointing so it’s a 5/10 for me 🍽 nothing was outstanding and i will not have it again … matcha latte was alright tho … 🍵


Chef-recommended dish

• Generous portion of bulgolgi and bacon
• egg was runny which is a plus point for me.
• service was great

It’s $8 after Burpple 1 for 1 (eligible for takeaways too)

Army Stew with various ingredients including noodles, spam, fishcake, beancurd, pork belly, kimchi. Served with plain rice. Stew tastes sweet and savoury which is different from many places that are just salty.


Spaghetti Carbonara with bulgogi, bacon and egg. Hints of cheddar in the thin sauce that isn’t too rich, just the way I like it. Meat is plentiful as well.

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