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From the Burpple community

Nice snap on the skin but the sausage itself was rather dry and tough, albeit there's a little bit of heat at the end. However my other friend liked it so guess it's personal preference

Really liked the small patches of cheese since it's really soft but there wasn't enough meat. Also the heat is quite non existent lol. Fluffy and crispy crust but eat fast cos it turns soggy

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Sauce was ok but could have been more robust, while the pasta was al dente and thick. Seafood was also fresh

Italian mixed cold cut with HUGE and fresh Burrata! It definitely worth the SGD52 per serving.

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Pizza Fabrica proposes very good napolitan pizzas! The dough is thin in the middle and very tasty, the tomato sauce is excellent, and the quality of all the ingredients is very good, including the cheese!
The location is nice, they have a big outdoor terrace. It is quite pricy but from time to time it’s worth it!


Loved what we have had in pizza fabrics. Please order seafood linguine that you won't regret, as well as the bruschetta that would amaze your mouth. I really enjoyed my dinner here with the live band that is going on every Friday to Sunday. Perfect place for a date. Good Italian food of amazing quality.