6 Scotts Road
#B1-08/09 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm

11:30am - 10:00pm



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Another GEM find from Pizza Express! Originating from London, serving their handcrafted pizza, pasta (there's handmade version too) and salads! Almost like a 14" inch thin crafted pizza, was ingredients loaded with smoked chicken, jalapeños, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, garlic and chili flakes. Crust wasn't too hard but instead on the crispy side. A bite into the pizza sinks your teeth into the wonders of flavors, a little spicy and a little cheesy! It's really a good slice of pizza to ask for! Plus it's meaty!

Nice but spicy😋 Not recommended for people who can't take spicy food

Picked their chilli crab pizza and we were impressed with its taste. With a slightly spicy sauce on a thin crust, the crab meat was well complemented with mozzarella, cut green chilli and mini Man Tou cubes for a balanced taste with varied textures.
Also enjoyed their lobster and crab meat ravioli in a red cream sauce. The handmade pasta was nicely done and crab meat taste was distinct. Of cos, we also enjoyed their open dining space and friendly services.

Best thing about this pizza is the thin crust pizza dough! Love how the pizza is not overly thick but crispy and at the same time chewy. The Carbonara pizza was topped with a generous amount of bacon and a soft runny egg in the middle. But I personally prefer their tomato base pizza over this cream base pizza as i can't really taste the flavor of the cream sauce!

Quite huge, it's thin-crusted and ingredients were rather generous.
It's like a spicy sourish chicken pizza which was quite good !

Garganelli Giardin - you get that lovely mix of capsicum, pumpkin, asparagus, mushroom...just in a mood for something vegetarian.

Taste is a little light...bringing out the natural flavour of all the vegetables. 😊

Olives, burrata cheese, chilli oil, cherry tomatoes and passata, finished with basil

Calabria-style sausage, spicy Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, jalapeño peppers, roasted peppers and red chillies, finished with mozzarella, pesto, parmesan and rocket

If you've worked up an appetite from trawling the shops in town, stop in at PizzaExpress. The UK pizza chain serves up excellent pizzas, and its location in Scotts Square makes it ideal for a delicious rest stop. If you're not keen on filling up too soon, go for the Romana pizzas, which sport a thin and crispy crust. Take Burppler Zi Heng Tay's advice and try the Carbonara ($25), topped with loads of smoked bacon, parmesan and a soft-cooked egg, or go local with the sweet and spicy Chilli Crab ($28), which is topped with small cubes of mantou. If you don't mind something slightly breadier (but still thin and crispy), get the Calabrese ($26). This slightly spicy pizza comes with Calabria-style sausage, fresh mozzarella, jalapenos, roasted peppers and red chillies. Burppler Dex Neo loves that the peppers were roasted till soft and juicy, and that the generous spread of rocket and pesto brought all the flavours together beautifully. Pro tip: The Burpple community still isn't too impressed with the pastas, so focus on the pizzas instead.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Zi Heng Tay

Their 'hero pizza', the Calabrese showed why it deserved its own section in their menu.

A thin but yet crispy and bready base, this was one pizza that I didn't get sick of eating. Topped off with Calabria-style sausage, fresh mozzarella, jalapeños, roasted peppers and red chillies – loved all the roasted peppers which were soft and juicy and how the base had a sexy, spicy undertone. And to cut through all that heat, a generous spread of rocket and pesto kept this pizza in check. Definitely much better than their alright pastas, so opt for their pizzas instead! 😋

Linguine Granchio con Panna ($23)

Don't be fooled by the plain looking pasta @pizzaexpresssg! It's actually loaded with steamed crabmeat, onion, garlic, coriander, with the linguine coated in a spicy cream sauce finish and topped with caviar! Sweet seafood goodness definitely checked here. This dish was definitely not love at first taste and some may find the cream a bit too heavy but the flavours grow on you and I finished the last spoonful feeling satisfied!

Delish crust pizza w generous amount of bacon. The egg in the middle is a surprising factor. Love the fact that the pizza is actually thin w chewy texture. Lovely place and great service. And we can go for dessert hunt after this.

Carbonara can hardly go wrong. This one comes with loads of smoked bacon, Parmesan cheese, sunny side up with a runny yolk and shavings of black truffles. It got very salty from all the bacon though. It would probably be better with more of the creamy béchamel sauce. I like the thin crust here, it's not totally biscuit and you are able to have a bit of the bread texture. Priced at $29++.

Enjoyed the chilli crab pizza here! The sweet and spicy eggy chilli crab sauce was spot on, with pieces of shredded crab meat, mozzarella cheese and small cubes of mantou. Perfect with their crispy thin crust! Priced at $28++.

The UK's famed Pizza Express has finally arrived on our shores. Set in the basement of Scotts Square, this casual chic spot specialises in — you got it, pizza — using dough that is made fresh in-house. To avoid filling up too soon, go for the Romana pizzas, which sport thinner, crispier crusts. The Alba ($20) is a tasty one topped with Calabria-styled sausage, ricotta, fennel seeds, Grada Padano, passata and mozzarella; while the Giardiniera ($18) is a vegetarian option topped with hearty veggies including asparagus, butternut squash and roasted peppers. The menu also includes pastas, but the Burpple community hasn't been very impressed with those, so we suggest sticking to the tried-and-tested pizzas first!
Avg Price: $20 per person
Picture by Burppler Bryan Lee

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