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A Gan Guo Kui 阿甘锅盔 (@aganguokui), originates from Hubei, China and uses the traditional method of baking through a charcoal heated clay oven, which kinda looks like a tandoori oven, till it’s golden brown & crispy!
We tried the Spicy Beef 香辣牛锅盔 ($3.30) which suggested by the cashier & boy was that a good choice! The flat bread was fresh out of the oven when we ordered it, and came golden brown with slightly charred rims.
It was not only aromatic but tasted equally great as well! The spicy beef option comes with shredded pieces of beef, which is kneaded into the dough before being baked. Would definitely head back to try the other flavours when I can! It’s a perfect snack, or meal even if you’re not hungry!
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I ended up getting more than a drink ... opsi!

White Rabbit Drinks with Brown Sugar Pearls | $4.50 at first sip, it tasted just like the white rabbit candy and much sweeter considering drinking a cup worth of candy. I asked the staff if the sugar level could be adjusted in the future. Apparently, I needed to wait for the ice to melt more and balance out the sweetness. The boba was very chewy. I had my nostalgic white rabbit crave fix nonetheless!

Fried Oreo | $4 requested without icing sugar. It was freshy fried on the spot. Snack was ready by the time I finished my drink. Now that I think back, why didn't I hold on and pair it with my own ice cream at home? Too greedy, that's why!

Verdict: #SBsaysYes

Hotpot itself have a variety of vege and mushrooms 👍 but the veggies could be fresher. Some of the edges of the veggies were abit blackened.
3 varieties of soup bases available, herbal, miso and laksa. Herbal taste is there but might be bland to some. Miso has a stronger flavour.

Although not on the menu, could also change the brown rice to white rice, but wld not recommend the white rice as it was semi under cooked.

Join #themalaparty with their new Mala Fish Skin! Visit their secret page at http://bit.ly/OohSecretPage. Purchase any 3 Mala chips and get a free bottle of Mala Fish Skin (worth SGD10). Their store can be found at Plaza Singapura for collection 😘

Available exclusively at #irvinsblockparty at #plazasingapura, this salted egg trio chips is a 3-in-1 combination of Potato, Fish skin and Cassava. Tried all and my favourite is still no doubt the highly raved fish skin that’s always sold out fast in their retail stores! All the chips are well coated with salted egg crumbs that carries off a distinct and lingering pleasant salty aftertaste. The incorporation of curry leaves also added a fragrant aromatic tinge of spice that makes it nice and dangerously addictive! ⚠️ Why popcorn or nachos when there’s salted egg chips for a movie snack? 😉 .
Along with this exclusive flavour available, there’s also Saiko Butter Brew (swipe to view) available for sale at $5 / cup (350ml). An alcohol free beverage that comes with a thick layer of sweet, aromatic cream atop a butterscotch infused hand-brewed soda, this is a refreshing beverage to pair with the savoury chips, though I would personally prefer if the intensity of sweetness is toned down slightly .
Head on down now to Irvin’s block party at Plaza Singapura that’s ongoing till 12 August, 10am-10pm, for some samples of salted egg trio and saiko butter brew 🍺. Besides, you can also revive your childhood memories with a playground slide set up and engage in some fun-filled activities! .
Thanks @irvinsaltedegg for the media invite (and preview) of the block party, as well as the pack of salted egg trio chips and a cute tote bag! 💕 .
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At the @IrvinSaltedEgg’s #IrvinsBlockParty locates at @PlazaSingapura, go grab a “Passport”, complete the 5 stations and receive a limited edition Tote Bag.
You can also buy the salted egg “TRIO” pouch which has a combi of Salted Egg Cassava Chips, Salted Egg Potato Chips and Salted Egg Fish Skin at $8. #maituliao tia kong limited stocks only.