[CLOSED] PocoLoco Microbrewery (Snow City)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * PocoLoco 2nd outlet with Microbrewery and our Italian foods like Nero paste and Goose Liver Risotto.

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This tea packaging has tiny holes on it so the leaves can be hydrated and release it's flavors. I was still looking for the opening for the bag before the owner told me to just swirl the whole packaging in the water.

LOVE THIS! Crispy breaded skin, moist tender chicken, with a salty cheesy parma ham and cheese filling.

Imagine eating a bolognese pasta but with base changed to pizza and stringy cheese on top! That’s the best way I can describe this dish. Classics never goes wrong!


#Tb to one of my favourite casual restaurants near where I live -- PocoLoco! This is a little restaurant hidden in the second floor of Snow City with wooden flooring and walls -- it reminded me of an unadorned ski lodge. They have quite a range of interesting pasta selections that all cost around $14 or less. Sadly, they've raised their prices since I first went there 3-4 years ago. |

Despite their reasonable prices, PocoLoco certainly does not skimp on quality (unlike a certain... 🍝-mania *cough*). They serve a banging carbonara, Manzo, and zafferano (seafood and saffron) with their creamy sauces. The pictured mentaiko pasta, however, was a little disappointing because the sauce was watery and kind of tasteless. 😭 I'd say definitely go for this place if you want to sample different tasty pastas with friends. | ®️: 7/10 | .

Today i tried the shirmp arrabiata😍😍 i love how their pasta were always cooked till al dente😁 and also i love how their tomato sauce tasted very homemade and not those conventional overly-tangy ones.

Damaged: $13.80 because the rocket salad was complemnentary😅😅 issit because i am a frequent diner so they sent me an email code. Ooops hahahaa am i eating too much for a onemanshow😅

Thanks to the stuff at snowcity outlet who kindly allowed me to change the lemon olive dressing for the salad to lemon vinaigrette😁😁 #feelinggrateful. Anws the salad was very biggggg!! So filling~ I love how they dont have service charge but the service was still good.

No go
Can go
Must go😊

Ratings: 8/10 because of the affordability. The selections of pasta here are definitely above average and very tasty but dont have that mindblowing factor that shook me.

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Pocoloco is a place that have been in my list for a period of time. Known for serving quality Italian food for very affordable prices, they have since expanded the business and have a few outlets islandwide. We went to the snow city outlet and pictured is one of our orders: the mentaiko pasta. Being a fan of mentaiko, this was the perfect pasta for me to savour the carbonara creaminess, salty and umami-ness together at a go.

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