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Poke Doke (Millenia Walk)

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From quality fresh fish that are sourced every day, to fusing the best flavours in our seasonings and endless dedication, we pride ourselves in crafting the bona fide poke experience for you. Come treat yourself to the best. Because life will be a beach if you ride the waves. Poke (pronounced ‘po-kay’) is a raw fish salad originating from Hawaii. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”. Essentially, you can expect huge cubed chunks of raw fish seasoned to perfection. The beauty of the bowls is that they can really be as simple or as adventurous as you want. The most important element of the Poke bowl is that the freshest ingredients has to be used especially when we are dealing with raw fish. And here at Poke Doke, we place the utmost importance in the freshness of our fish.

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The poke bowls are excellent. They give huge amounts of portions and each poke selection is tasty even if it is not salmon or tuna. The scallops and the tofu are great alternative if you don’t like raw sashimi.

Place was pretty empty when we were there. Aside from us, a couple of other diners.

Ordering process is straightforward. You tick your options off a form and go to the counter to pay. The bowl too about 5 mins to be assembled and was nicely presented.

There's not much rice, so it's good for people looking to cut back. Salmon and tuna were nicely cut, bite sized pieces. The scallops were juicy, had a nice bite. There's lots of salad greens in the bowl. Dressing isn't too heavy. Helps prevent you from getting sick of eating it.

2 scoops of Poke + 4 Add-ons
Salad + Original Salmon + Spicy Tuna + Chuka Wakame (Seasoned sesame seaweed) + Cherry Tomatoes + Flying Fish Roe + Roasted pumpkin

- Added a slice of lime for garnish
Wow, as a spice lover, I love their spicy seasoning as it was very direct and will definitely satisfy your spicy craving.
The entire dish is very cold and refreshing, tastes very fresh without any fishiness
Thick cubes of fresh salmon and tuna
The chuka wakame and the roasted pumpkin's natural sweetness provides a nice sweet contrast to the savoury fish. Even the cherry tomatoes provided were very juicy and refreshing.
Overall, all their items tasted very delicious on their own and even better together.
Price: 8/10
Taste: 8/10
Overall: 8/10 (Will definitely come back if in the area and looking for something healthy!)

More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3XKMOIAiMk/?igshid=1347zqug6t2w6

1-1 DIY medium bowls using entertainer app. Great steal! Got to love the spicy salmon for that kick! Slightly disappointed that they do not offer sushi rice for base. Instead you can opt of brown rice, white rice, salad only or soba (with top up).

Some fun toppings made it pretty enjoyable like roasted pumpkin, inari strips!

Very much prefer Poke theory still for the options to get quinoa, better tasting rice and lastly the unlimited free toppings!!!!!

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I’m not a big fan of poke as some of the poke bowls I had in the past were too ‘salady’ for my liking, but the selection of ingredients at Poke Doke turned out to be pretty good and varied:)! I ordered the medium bowl ($14.90) which consists of 2 scoops of poke with 4 add-ons. I chose soba (+$1.50), original salmon and shitake tofu, beancurd skin, chuka wakame (Japanese seaweed), cherry tomato and roasted pumpkin.

The salmon was fresh and tasty. The shitake tofu was a little salty, so I will probably try another poke like tuna to go with the salmon next time. The add-ons complemented the poke well, especially the sweet beancurd skin (like the one used in inari sushi) and chuka wakame which added a nice Asian flavour to the Hawaiian poke. Overall, Poke Doke is generous in portion and the ingredients are fresh, tasty and refreshing - wouldn’t mind coming back again when I need a poke fix.

Definitely one of the best poke bowl I have tried!!! It’s also halal certified 😋

- Seating space is v limited
- Bright Deco w High Tables & Chairs

Food Wise:
- Taste is always v consistent
- Fresh and chunky pieces of fish
- Well seasoned poke (v flavourful)
- Wide selection of choices
- Decent portion

Overall Rating:
8.5/10 ✨

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