965 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534721

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05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

05:30pm - 03:30am

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From the Burpple community

chicken wing was crispy and juicy but the rice was lacking the last time i had it. this time, it was the other way round; rice was fragrant & nicely seperated while the chicken was dry & lacking in flavour. sambal is on the sweet side too. not the best nasi lemak, but it’s the ultimate comfort/supper food to me!

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Went to Ponggol Nasi Lemak yesterday and ordered their Chicken Wing, Ikan Billis, Long Beans and Fried Ebi ($8.60)!😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty good but found it a little pricey and ikan billis was sweet (I prefer savoury ones🥹) Would visit again if I am near the area and am craving for nasi lemak😁

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Was around the Hougang area and decided to take a bus down to this coffee shop where a Ponggol Nasi Lemak outlet was at. We were there around 7pm on a Monday evening and while the queue was long, often with at least 10 pax in line to order, the staff were really efficient in completing the orders. A lady would ask those waiting in line how many packets of Nasi Lemak they’re ordering and if you want to dine in or takeaway. Thereafter, when you’re reaching the cashier, you can order the sides to go along the rice.

The Nasi Lemak was fragrant, with the rice grains nicely separated and cooked to the right texture - not too mushy nor undercooked. We also liked that the egg yolk remained runny and would be drizzled over the coconut rice to provide extra creaminess. The otah was flavorful and not too spicy, and it came in a larger than expected serving compared to the otah one would get elsewhere. However, it doesn’t have that char that otah found in hawker centres have that some might desire. The fish was also fried to a crispy texture but might not be the easiest to eat due to the tiny bones. The lady’s finger was slightly spicy and retained its crunch.

While I didn’t order the chicken drumstick or chicken wings, these two items were hot favorites at this stall. My dining partner who ordered the chicken drumstick was amazed by its huge portion (it was bigger than the drumstick we got from KFC recently. It was also really crunchy and would give a satisfying addition of protein to one’s enjoyable local delicacy.

Lastly, the amount of chili given was sufficient and it wasn’t too sweet. However, it was a bit oily and the oil was coating our rice grains towards the end of the meal. We didn’t find the chili very special but the fragrance of the coconut rice and well executed accompaniments made this meal a truly satisfying one.

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Don’t make the mistake I made. You MUST order their fried chicken wings/ drumsticks. They are fresh and cooked a la minute to support the high dinner/supper turnover. (I ordered the Korean fried chicken from the same Mee Sek Kopitiam that’s why!) Otherwise, it’s over-priced nasi lemak. Otah is normal and rice not super flavourful. But that’s the premium you pay for supper food. Would still visit again if I am hungry and craving nasi lemak past midnight.

On this six element plate, there are four items that make Ponggol Nasi Lemak the decades old hawker institution that it is. Wanna guess what the four elements are? If you guessed curry vegetables, hae bee (dried shrimp & chili paste) long beans, chicken wings and sambal chili, then you’re bang on the money! If you guessed rice, then no dice.⠀

Ponggol’s nasi is decent enough, but I’ve had better nasi lemak from other places. The main reason why I keep coming back to Ponggol is because of that monstrous mound of sapid & sufficiently spicy sambal. It’s fully salty as opposed to having a tinge of sweetness coalescing with the savouriness like almost every other sambal, and it’s tremendously thick, almost like a paste.⠀

Most people don’t know it, but their curry veg is a stunning superstar that doesn’t receive even a fraction of the hype it deserves. Most curry vegetables tend to be bland, watered down affairs due to the veggies, especially the cabbage, unloading their water into the curry gravy. Not Ponggol’s, their curry is rather redolent & rich with just enough spice to stimulate your senses, and the fresh veg idling invitingly in the curry makes getting your daily fibre intake quite an ambrosial affair.⠀

The hae bee long beans are inexplicably delectable, with the scintillatingly sapid shrimp & sambal paste turbocharging the fresh, crunchy long beans with it’s unparalleled umami as they fry up in a wok. So simple, yet so satiating. If you don’t get ‘em, you’re robbing yourself of culinary bliss. Simple as.⠀

As for those fried chicken wings, the marinade is marvellous, as the meat is throughly instilled with the full flavour of the marinade. The sensationally seasoned batter that coats the chicken is thin and captivatingly crunchy, and this results in the chicken underneath being left perfectly cooked yet maddeningly moist. These wings are so stunningly stellar that I obey the eternal wisdom of DJ Khaled: have another one. And another one. And another one.

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...so I dabao too. Forgive the brinjal and French beans, it's not so little, but we shared. Their rice has always been shaky and here after sitting for two hours it's worse.