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Power Coffeehouse

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We’re Uncle Heng and Auntie Anna, and welcome to our Power Coffeehouse! Nestled in a cozy corner within the neighbourhood of Bedok, Power Coffeehouse is our brainchild - a place for good food, great conversations, and the familiar sense of home.


From the Burpple community

Easties, heads up! Replacing the now-defunct To-gather Cafe at Bedok North is this chill neighbourhood hideout serving up local fusion gems. Come for their "Lu Rou" Don ($8.50) for a scrumptious dish of braised chicken rice with a 63°C sous vide egg. Also good is the rich and creamy Claypot Curry Chicken ($8.50) that can be served with a side of rice. Swap your rice out for Toast ($0.50) or Prata ($0.50).
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua


It packs flavour, prata is frozen type, but its still nice. Pretty pricey at $9 for two don't piece of prata, however curry had plenty of meat.

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As the name suggests, this plate of Nasi Goreng indeed has the “power”. With the right amount of “kick” from the sambal and the creaminess of the sous vide egg, it sure satisfied my craving for a good plate of local fried rice. Price point of $8.90, I will definitely be back for more!


Braised Chicken Rice with 63°C Sous Vide Egg. From the new Power Coffeehouse which replaces now-defunct To-gather Cafe at Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4; within the same neighbourhood as Fengshan Market & Food Centre.

Serving up local fusion cuisine, the Ayam "Lu Rou" Don was pretty comforting; an item that carried largely savoury notes, the rice was flavoursome on its own without being overwhelming, while the chunks of chicken were sizable and gave the dish a meaty bite whilst being easy to chew. Mixing up the slaw on the side and the sous-vide egg into the entire bowl, the egg adds a silkier touch that binds all the elements together, while the slaw also helps to add a refreshing crunch in between the fluffy rice and the chunks of chicken. A pretty great spot to chill out with familiar dishes in the neighbourhood


POWER NASI GORENG: Fried rice with prawn and sous vide egg; fried rice itself taste quite bland if not for the addition of fried anchovies, fried shallot & spring onion; cabbage at the side add some crunch; prawn is a little overcooked but still acceptable; love the egg with oozing yolk..
AYAM "LU-ROU" DON: Braised chicken rice with sous vide egg; flavorful and homely taste (though my mommy braised meat taste nicer); chicken is tender and flavorful; a bit jelat towards the end as the sauce over the rice a little oily; cabbage at the side reduce some jelat-ness..
NGOH HIANG: 5 spices chicken roll; taste normal, nothing to shout out for; love the dipping sauce though; mild spicy, sweet and tinge of sour..
BEANCURD KING: Taste like the normal frozen product, nothing special; very crispy and with mayo dipping sauce at the side..
Overall a decent & filling meal at a cafe in a neighbourhood; pocket-friendly especially with the use of 1-for-1 promotion on Burpple beyond; no GST & service charge; probably the cheapest cafe meal I've eaten in whole of my cafe-hopping life; no pork & lard..
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Onsen paired delectably with the meat, silky smooth, tasty dish!