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From the Burpple community

Their standard fluctuates alot. The pig trotter was kinda tough and bitterguord was terrible. Long bean had some wok hei.

PS one guy's hygiene abit cmi. Dropped the container lid on the wet floor then just dipped in water before covering my food with the wet lid

This stall is not bad at all, the bitterguord wasn't bitter, food wasn't too oily, and the meatloaf had a very good texture, not the mushy stuff w too much filler

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No idea why this costs 5dollars in the end

Everything else was good as last time, except now that I'm dining in, I realise their mee hoon kuay texture isn't good, it wasn't simply because I takeaway last time. They use some sheets taken from the fridge, it lacks bite. Maybe try banmian or sth?

The attitude of the staff sucks, nonchalant and snappy. Very curious whether the food lives up to the attitude and yes, it does

All their chili are homemade, and they have 2 main kinds apart from the ubiquitous soy sauce w cut chili. Their chili oil was quite flavourful with a slight tang. Rather different from normal. Their sambal was great, I tot the dried prawn taste was super prevalent but actually I suspect it's another kind of seafood. There's a veritable amount of heat too

Their mee hoon Kueh had a decent texture, should be much better if they didn't harden after dabao(aka dine in). The black sauce was very mild because the sambal carried all the flavour

Pork ribs were tender but not super seasoned. Again because their sambal is very good this works

We ordered a bowl of fish soup beehoon and another bowl of fish head soup. Both were $7 each. The soup was rich and the meat was really tender, especially the fish head. Would recommend that you get the fish head one if you know how to eat fish head!! If not the normal one is good enough too ☺️ We had to wait very long for the food to be ready but the wait was worth it!! 👍🏻

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The XO Fish Bee Hoon ($7) from 香港街珍幸记 (881 XO 鱼头米粉) at Potong Pasir is really good - the soup is rich, sweet and super alcoholic (for the lack of a better word😝), the fish is fresh and the portion is very generous. Comforting and satisfying to the very last drop!

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