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Reviews at Provence Bakery & Café

Reviews of good food at Provence Bakery & Café

Being a bread lover, I can spend an entire time admiring breads in bakeries.

Provence is one such bakery that I never get tired of visiting because of the pretty good variety of breads they have .

Sometimes I would opt for a petit croissant 🥐 and sometimes a milk bun and other times, just a plain walnut flower bun with a cup of coffee.

This time round I had the tomato cheese pizza bread studded with black sesame. The cafe staff was nice to help warm up my pizza bread for me .
The combination of the Savory melted cheese and sweet tomato slices against the slightly tart pizza sauce and the chewy pizza bread was truly enjoyable.

This makes for a quick lunch and a good pizza alternative since this pizza bread is good for one and extremely affordable at 2.50.

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This makes a delicious afternoon snack - you’d be surprised at how a simple combination of pizza sauce , cheese and tomatoes can make such a magic in your mouth.

The pizza base - though just regular bread dough is slightly crusty at the sides with a nice black sesame aroma.

Ask for your pizza to be heated up to activate the “ gooey-ness” of the melted cheese .

For 2.50, this is indeed very affordable.

There isn't a huge selection, but I guess that'll mean more care is given to each bun - at least that was what I tasted.

The Brazilian Cheese Bun ($1) here is superb - a crisp crust that gives way to a moist centre that is both fluffy yet chewy. The flavour of the cheese is distinctive yet not overpowering. I can eat a few without feeling the grease getting to me. The walnut flower ($1.80), true to its name, is a huge walnut-studded wholemeal bun shaped into a flower. Nothing "wow", just a really healthy and wholesome bun (: I love their tsubu anpan (whole red beans bun, $1.30) too, the bread-to-filling ratio is just right without the filling being overly sweet. Overall, great buys!


This crispy cheesy pizza is perfect for breakfast, lunch or tea break. These are regularly sold out so when I see them it’s not uncommon for me to clear the whole tray. My whole family loves this. The abundant sesame seeds give a lovely fragrance and texture to the dough. It has been priced at $2.50 ever since I started buying it many years ago. It used to have 3 slices of tomatoes but now only has two. I still love it. Inflation gets everyone in the end I guess.

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There is something magical about this walnut flower bun (SGD 1.80) that keeps me coming back. Sometimes, it is the simple things in life that are most alluring. No filling , no cream, no nothing , just a plain fluffy and well glazed walnut bun with a mild sweet and savoury flavour . I love waiting for the birth of this walnut flower bun from the oven and carefully savouring it with a cup of tea . You won't go wrong if you like a little bit more flavour and pair it with some natural peanut butter ( which I sometimes carry in my bag just for this flower bun) . Be sure to get the walnut buns only from the Holland village outlet because the standard of breads at Provence VivoCity are a far cry. This is one of the bakeries that I keep coming back to because the creatively shaped buns and unique varieties make me feel like a child all over again :)
Mirror mirror on the wall , who's the fairest of them all ? Ms walnut flower bun .

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This was hearty without being overwhelming. I loved the bread, it seemed to made from finely milled flour and was really fragrant. Lightly toasted with butter, it provided good balance for the savoury bacon and egg. An affordable and satisfying breakfast at just $6.50 for the platter and coffee/tea. Would definitely come again!


Usually prefer savoury buns to sweet, and this discovery at my favourite Japanese boulangerie made my day with melted cheese and pops of salty shrimp roe cushioned in pillowy dough.

Here's something I cannot never resist myself from; the Chocolate Wassants may be something that other places also offers, but I love theirs for the soft and light buns with chocolate swirls that actually taste the part as well. Its so tempting that I either get one to bite or the pack of ten to share with the family whenever I pass by a Provence Bakery outlet!

Finished my weekly household chores. Having a light breakfast before going out searching for food! :)

Great place to chill. An alternative to the chains of coffee joints in this vicinity.


Some people don't know you can order fresh sandwich over the counter at Provence (ion outlet). It's a must try!

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