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From the Burpple community

Probably one of my fav places be it for brunch/lunch/dinner, and this time I went for the Sticky Date Pudding (~$16) instead of my usual cake🍰
Pudding had a banana cake texture, crumbly, moist and soft! Sauce was strongly toffee flavoured and really sweet, so you might wna go easy on that 😋
For maximum satisfaction, I’d suggest waiting till the vanilla bean ice cream is half melted into the pudding before getting a bite of the icecream- pudding- sauce mixture.... heavenly 👌🏻‼️

Ig @goodfomood

Half portion truffle fries (~$8): yes, you can ask for it half portion for half the guilt!! 🍟 Strong truffle aroma that wafted from every table; with shoestring cheese and that truffle scent, we have a truffle fries winner 😛

Ig @goodfomood

The pudding was served warm and amazingly moist, loved the flavor of it too as it wasn’t over sweet, with large date pieces that still remain which had more sweetness without being too sugary.
Toffee sauce was generous but it’s too bitter for my liking. When paired with the sweet vanilla ice cream it was still okay overall, still VERY enjoyable
Recommended if you like sticky date puddings! The pudding damn nice!

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This was AMAZING! Inside the perfectly toasted bread are some damn good melted cheese, coating the outer part of bread itself was another crunchy cheese layer.
Served on top of nice tomato soup that goes really well with the cheese toast

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Petit Banana and Blueberry Pancakes (~$13): Fluffy pancakes filled with bits of banana and blueberries were tasty, and made sweeter with the litter of berries 🍓🍇 Thought the Butterscotch sauce was a bit of an overkill though, since this plate leaned more towards the fruity/light side with the fruits and vanilla ricotta 🥞 Nonetheless this made an amazing brunchy-desserty item, light, fluffy and hitting all the right spots .

Ig @goodfomood

$23.50++ ?!?! Other than the extraordinarily expensive price tag, the salad could not be anymore ordinary. Ordinary lettuce (no upgrade to the slightly more expensive spinach counterpart) and processed bacon bits resembling the sort you could buy off the shelves in the supermarket and sprinkle on any dish you wish. Def doesn’t taste of anything specially made “in-house”. I guess the only extra effort was the poached egg 🥚 (instead of hard boiled) and in-house salad dressing which was incredibly thick and viscous - somewhat the consistency of tartar sauce and therefore, helps with portion control (I asked for it to be served by the side, instead of having it mixed altogether). The dressing was pretty addictive - I can’t quite put a name to it. Taste wise, it resembled thousand island but slightly modified with their in-house recipe. Also, the baked croutons were worthy of a mention too. They came in large pieces, baked till crisp! Of course, given the astronomical price tag, the parmesan came thinly sliced, with some shavings here and there, instead of powdered.