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Added the cloud emoji in the title because it is so apt for their Truffle Shoestring Fries! The dish was $15 (slightly on the pricy side for fries) but wow the serving was HUGE! Two of us had trouble finishing it but maybe it’s because we also ordered two mains. Could get more friends to share this. Or maybe try requesting for half the portion (half the price) as seen on some of the burpple reviews?

The fries were not too overwhelming with their truffle taste, just the right amount. And the mountain of parmesan shavings went so so well with the fries! Shoestring is also the best cut for this dish.

We were surprised to know that the place was really fancy with nice ambience. But definitely one of the quieter places in Ann Siang hill. Be sure to make a reservation in advance :)

PS cafe’s sticky date pudding is still hands down one of my favourite desserts after all these years. At $16++ a pop, it is absolutely worth every cent of my hard earned money. The warm and fluffy steamed pudding, topped with a scoop of frosty vanilla ice cream and slathered with a decadent toffee sauce that had a slightly torched burnt caramel flavour, was a party in my mouth that sent me straight to pudding heaven.

I've tried tom yam pastas and chili crab pastas before and it was a hit and miss. This time, it was a bit of a leap of faith to try this laksa pasta but I loved it! |

The pasta had a mild laksa flavour without being too spicy. The fragrance of the laksa leaf really came through and blended well with the sauce's milkiness and the accompanying sambal beans. This dish really is something unique! | ®️: 9/10 for high prices higher than the surrounding restaurants in Ann Siang Hill.

Truffles fries at PS Cafe is my one true love... What is good now is... Due to the large portion we always couldn't finish it... Now that they offer the ordering of half portion available helps us to not waste food and can order a variety to share as well ;)

I heard mixed reviews about this dish and hesitated to order this. But with the option to upgrade to truffle fries with an addition of $5, I decided it was a good way to let me try their famed and loved fries without having to order the whole serving of it ($16).

The truffle fries were so fragrant and crispy. Some restaurants' truffle fries smell like truffle and taste nothing like it. But there's no such thing here at PS cafe. The dish was accompanied by an aioli sauce which has a lemongrass fragrance to it, making it so addictive!!

Now for the burger itself, the main star is the patty. There was no heavy tasting sauce or garnish to carry the dish. The meatyness of the patty and freshness of the beef were more than sufficient to make this burger one of my favourites at this price point.

The pops have a crispy exterior that holds a creamy ball of duck meat. The tartness of the tomato sauce cuts through the creamy goodness and adds an extra dimension to the dish.