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From the Burpple community

♡ Rich chocolate that is not overly sweet, and the cake is perfect for a nut lover!

Served with vanilla ice cream on the side. With tooth-achingly sweet sweet caramel sauce too. The cake was really good. Unmistakable orange flavor and dense butter texture. Orange slices were on the sour side, which delighted me. My companion who loves her sweets ate 3/4 of this and almost licked the plate.

Loved the outside air con seating. Spacing between tables were wide, making conversations enjoyable.

Usually they serve it hot, but they do cold as well at no extra charge. Overwhelming cinnamon taste, with a stick of cinnamon inside the glass.

Was told by the server that this drink used black tea and canned longan fruit. But the longan actually tasted like rehydrated dried longans, which I really disliked. Maybe the bitter black tea made the canned longans take on the Chinese medicine taste of the dried longans I’m not sure. I couldn’t drink more than 1/4 of this. Luckily my companion loves dried longans and polished it off for me.

Initially, I thought I was torching money ordering a $28 roasted half chicken at a fancy cafe. However, PS cafe pleasantly surprised me with this dish. The chicken was tender and plump, and it went terribly well with the mashed potato and purée cream which I was ready to diss. The flavours were pretty complementary and consistently satisfying across all bites. The portion was generous as well, and this is coming from a big eater. Would certainly patronise again on special occasions as the ambience was lovely, great for long conversations over delicious grub. (7.5/10)

This is the first PS cafe if i’m not wrong. It has a smaller seating area which makes it cosy.

The service staff here are really great and friendly! They are attentive and really quick to get your requests seen to.

I tried the Pesto laksa spaghetti which was really good and different from the usual.