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From the Burpple community

Nice location. Great decor and ambience. Posh sophisticated vibe. A must for insta pictures.

Food is okay but nothing great. The burger is nice and nothing to complain about, but honestly for this price, I had higher expectations.

Go only for a fancy date or special treat. This can not be your everyday goto cafe. Also staff is arrogant for no reason.

For me 3 on 5

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This was a disappointment. We couldn't taste much of the pesto and the veggies were a tad too salty.

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Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I found this average. The cake tasted like Chinese huat kueh and the sauce had a slight bitter aftertaste. Would probably get some other dessert if I'm back here!

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This was a pleasantly interesting Western-Asian fusion dish, as it places the barramundi fish in the middle of a coconut risotto broth! The barramundi was cooked to perfection, as the texture of the fish meat was just right! It wasn't too hard and neither did it come with a fishy taste. The serving size was also fairly generous, considering that there is also the risotto to fill your tummy!

For the risotto, we thought the rice grains were a little hard - perhaps it was intentional that the restaurant tried to prepare it al dente! However, the coconut broth was amazing as it was really rich and we liked that there was a tinge of citrus flavour from the lemongrass in it. However, the broth was a little spicy and you might get a little satiated after a while due to the richness of the broth.

The dish was unlike most barramundi dishes that we tried previously, as those tend to serve the fish only with a drizzle of sauce! Will be glad to try this again if it stays on PS Cafe's menu!

We were shocked when the waiter brought out this huge mountain of fries, with grated parmesan cheese covering the fries on top! 😰 The highlight of the dish was the truffle aroma emanating from it, which you can smell as the waiter places the dish on your table and it is pretty strong! The fries were really crispy and in fact, they may have been a little too crispy as it was challenging to get them on the fork without breaking them!

For $16++, this was really a generous and great serving of truffle fries and sure enough, this is a must-try signature dish whenever you dine at PS Cafe! 😋😋 PS Cafe at Harding Road was really popular on Friday evening despite the inaccessible location and if you are planning to dine here, we strongly suggest you make a reservation in advance!

Warm toffee sauce and ice cream with light, fluffy & moist banana cake. It’s my absolute favorite dessert from PS cafe:)