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From the Burpple community

Never one to order carrot cake when alone, I constantly find myself with dinning companions who enjoy the classic spiced cake. Thus, at the recent visit to PS cafe, I was introduced to their home-baked M’s Carrot Cake ($9.90). Surprisingly good with a well-balance hit of cinnamon flavour, the sizable wedge was wonderfully moist and not all that sweet, dense or oily. Maybe the best one yet, my favourite part was the light cream cheese frosting which didn’t seek to overwhelm the other elements. The generous use of walnuts in the cake and embellished on the top also added a nice crunch to the treat.

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Had the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake and the Truffle Shoestring Fries to share with a friend. If you love chocolate, the cake would be a must try! Portions are pretty huge though, might want to share it with someone else.

Service was pretty good too! Went at around 5pm without a reservation on a weekend and the staff kindly helped to give us a reserved table first.

Chunky fries that came with tamarind chilli dip, kaffir lime aioli & smokey bbq sauce. Personally I love their bbq sauce. It was indeed smokey! As for their chilli dip, it was very unique and probably can’t find it elsewhere. This plate of fries with their condiments indeed serves as a good starter. 8.5/10

Tender, soft and meaty lamb chops serve with potato wedges. Lamb was grilled to perfection with the fats ratio to lean meat was right! 9.0/10

If you’ve never been, please do yourself a favour & head to @pscafe for their amazing rendition of sticky date pudding. They have bloomed at any convenient locations, which allows me to get my cravings satisfied pretty quickly!

The light & fluffy date cake is topped with vanilla bean ice cream, sitting in a pool of warm caramel, which blends perfectly to give you that sweet comforting warm taste to your palate.

If the sweetness is a tad too much for you, balance it out with their Key Lime Pie, whose tartness will do just the right trick! It comes with a thick biscuit-like crust, sprinkled with more biscuit crumbs to add some texture into that creamy sour curd, which will give you just the right amount of punch.

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I love it for its tartness which helps balances out all the richness of the meal. However, its not overly sour to a point where it becomes difficult to eat. Definitely a good way to end a indulgent meal.